12 May
Step-by-Step Booking Singapore Suites!

Tuesday I provided a full review of my experience flying Singapore Airlines Suites Class and mentioned how achievable it was with points and miles! To show just how easy it is, I have put together a step-by-step guide for you on how to book this fantastic award flight! Just...

06 May
STOP Paying Baggage Fees!

The airline companies are making money… to the tune of $25.6 billion in profits in 2015! While low fuel costs really helped their bottom line, those darn bag fees certainly didn’t hurt them either - adding a whopping $3.8 billion to the bottom line. For a...

04 May
Mother’s Day = Point & Miles Opportunity

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th. It is a great opportunity to honor all the mothers in our lives… and earn some extra bonus points and miles using shopping portals and flower promotions in the process! Even though I know EVERYONE reading has already planned out...

28 Apr
Hotel Review – Grand Hyatt Washington D.C.

Guest Writer Mallory (my wife & Editor-in-Chief) is in charge of AYP today as she gives her full detailed hotel review of the Grand Hyatt Washington!  Grand Hyatt DC Our most recent trip to our nation’s capital had dual purposes: to run in the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half...

25 Apr
Mail Time is the Best Time!

We live in the digital age. The internet has changed the way that we do (almost) everything, but when it comes to targeted credit card offers, you can keep your fancy internet and email machines, and you can find me scurrying down the driveway with...

22 Apr
Take a Piece of the Pie – Credit Card Referral Bonuses

While applying for credit cards is one of the fastest ways to accumulate large quantities of points and miles, let’s remember that it is not the only way and that there are some other very effective means that should be explored further...

18 Apr
Hotel Review – The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Guest Writer Mallory (my wife & Editor-in-Chief) is in charge of AYP today as she gives her full detailed hotel review of the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam! The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is one of my favorite hotels in the world, and definitely my favorite Hilton-owned property. I will...

14 Apr
How to Find & Book Fare Deals & Error Fares

The better the airfare deal, the shorter it seems to last. These deals can save you hundrends (or even thousands!), but you have to be quick and decisive when it comes to fare deals - which some of you may have experienced firsthand earlier this...


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