10 May
Goodbye Chase Hyatt Credit Card… For Now?

Goodbyes are tough. I don't like saying goodbyes. I don't feel great about saying goodbye to my Chase Hyatt credit card, but I have determined that it has to be done. And while I am sad that we have to go our separate ways, I am...

02 May
5 Reasons to NOT Apply for the US Bank Altitude Reserve

US Bank released a new credit card in the premium travel rewards card space yesterday. They call it the Chase Sapphire Reserve Killer US Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite. This card had a bit of hype to it the last few weeks, and I admit that I...

28 Apr
Winner Of My Free JetBlue Tax Return Flight!

I entered this little JetBlue sweepstakes for a free one-way flight… and I won! Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for you) I have 3 out of town weddings and a certain adorable little 1 year old’s birthday party to attend during the eligible travel period of 5/1/17...

18 Apr
I Won a JetBlue Tax Return Return Flight!

I came. I saw that JetBlue was giving away 1,000 one-way flights. I paid taxes. I entered that silly little JetBlue sweepstakes. And I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   That's right people! I am a winner! Winner, winner - Chicken Dinner! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT! Who won a free one-way flight flying...

14 Apr
I am Booking United Flights

UPDATE: I BOOKED United flights United Airlines is NOT having a good run here recently. It started with that whole leggings debacle...


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