30 Jan
AYP List of Top Credit Cards January 2017

A new year and a new you! Welcome to the year 2017! We are almost out of January and I hope that 2017 has brought you a slew of good fortune thus far! January is the time for resolutions. Each of us should set out to do...

27 Jan
Chase Dumps Sapphire Reserve Pre-Approvals

I have some bad news for any and all OVER 5/24-er’s out there who don’t yet have their hand on a shiny new Chase Sapphire Reserve card… As first reported by Doctor of Credit: Chase has (temporarily) removed Pre-Approvals related to the ever-popular Chase Sapphire Reserve. Why does...

26 Jan
My Amex Fee Credit Applied to Airfare?

What a glorious morning! You know that feeling you get when you find that unexpected wadded up $20 bill in your pocket? Well for me, this morning went a little something like that – all thanks to American Express – as it seems a recent Delta airfare...

26 Jan
Reward Points… Stranded!

I spend a GRAND amount of time researching the points and miles world. I don’t claim to be a points guru, but I will say that I am definitely the resident expert within my immediate family! Rather than keep up with all the various happenings...

25 Jan
Attention Prior2Boarding Readers: Welcome to AcCountingYourPoints!

Hey it’s Derek at AcCounting Your Points - we are officially on Prior2Boarding! You may have seen a post or 2 feed through the Prior2Boarding webpage, Facebook, or Twitter, so I just wanted to blast out a quick introduction so you can see what we are all...

23 Jan
Credit Card Late Payment Charges? Do This!

Pay your balances on time and in full. I tell people all the time that this is an essential piece of the credit card rewards game and the key to achieving maximum value. And yet, while I have advised others over and over, it seems that...

19 Jan
Top 2 Credit Cards When Traveling Abroad!

I play the points game to the best of my ability. That involves applying for multiple travel rewards credit cards every few months to capitalize on the generous initial points/miles sign-up bonuses! These bonuses allow me to travel near and far, especially internationally, and for...

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