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Flight Review: LATAM Business Class 787-9 MIA-SCL

The image shows a pair of business class seats on an airplane. The seats are upholstered in gray fabric with red headrests and white cloth covers. There is a center console between the seats with a wooden finish, which includes storage compartments and controls. The seats are positioned next to the airplane windows, through which the outside of the aircraft is visible. The cabin lighting gives a warm, ambient glow.

This past December I experienced LATAM Business Class for the first time on their 787-9 for the 8ish-hour flight from Miami (MIA) to Santiago (SCL).

A map showing a flight path between Miami, Florida (MIA) in the United States and Santiago (SCL) in Chile. The path is represented by a red line connecting the two cities across the Americas. The map includes parts of North, Central, and South America, with the surrounding bodies of water.

This flight was just the beginning of a SWEET Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan redemption 2-day stopover in Santiago. The more I think about it, the more I simply cannot understand how Alaska can offer such a valuable and flexible stopover policy…. but as long as they do I am going to keep taking advantage of it!

Pre-Flight –

The whole pre-flight process got off to a smooth start with an easy check-in process and priority security process (available to all business class passengers and elite loyalty members).

The image shows a busy airport check-in area with multiple counters. There are several people standing in line, waiting to check in their luggage. The counters have digital screens above them displaying information. The area is well-lit with a modern design, featuring a high ceiling and polished floors. Queue barriers are set up to organize the lines.

From there, we could have checked out the new American Airlines Flagship Lounge… but instead, my wife very much wanted a pre-flight massage, courtesy of the American Express Centurion Lounge!

We spent an hour or so in the bustling lounge – some massages, some good food and a bit of plane spotting, and then it was time to head towards the gate!

But before we got all the way to the gate, we did pop into the LATAM VIP Lounge, just to check it out!

The image shows a sign for a VIP lounge in an airport or similar facility. The sign reads "VIP Lounge / Sala VIP / Salón VIP" in English and Spanish. Below the sign, there are several clocks displaying different time zones. The area appears to be well-lit and has a modern design. The image shows a spacious airport lounge with modern furnishings. There are several seating areas with comfortable chairs and small tables. The lounge has a carpeted floor and a ceiling with recessed lighting. There are a few people seated in the lounge, and a couple of television screens are mounted on the walls displaying various programs. The lounge has large windows that allow natural light to enter, and there are some partitions and plants adding to the decor.

The image shows a modern airport lounge with several gray armchairs arranged in small groups around low tables. The lounge has a spacious and clean design with a carpeted floor and large windows along one side, allowing natural light to enter. There are a few people seated in the background, some working on laptops and others relaxing. A flat-screen TV is mounted on a wall, displaying a program. The lighting is soft and ambient, creating a comfortable atmosphere. The image shows a buffet setup in what appears to be a restaurant or hotel lounge. There are various dishes and bowls of food arranged on a counter, including plates of appetizers, desserts, and other small dishes. Behind the counter, there are two staff members working, with one of them looking towards the camera. The background features a modern interior with wooden paneling, a refrigerator, and shelves with bottles and glasses. The area is well-lit with ceiling lights.

The image shows an airport lounge with several people sitting on modern, comfortable seating. The lounge has a contemporary design with a mix of soft chairs and couches. In the background, there is a counter area where people are standing, possibly getting food or drinks. The lighting is warm and the atmosphere appears relaxed. Some people are engaged in conversation, while others are using electronic devices. Luggage and personal items are visible near the seating areas. The image shows a spacious airport lounge with modern furnishings. There are several rows of comfortable chairs and small tables arranged neatly. The lounge is well-lit with ceiling lights, and there are multiple flat-screen TVs mounted on the walls displaying various channels. In the background, there is a buffet area with food and drinks, and a few people are seen sitting and relaxing. The overall atmosphere appears to be calm and inviting.

After a quick glass of wine, it was finally time to board that 787-9!

The image shows two digital display screens at an airport. The screens are mounted on a glass wall with the letters "MIA" visible in the background, indicating Miami International Airport. The left screen displays flight information for a LATAM flight to Santiago, Chile, with details such as the flight number and departure time. The right screen shows the LATAM logo and additional flight details, including the destination and weather information for Santiago, Chile. The area appears to be part of the airport terminal, with some seating and other airport fixtures visible in the background. The image shows a LATAM Airlines aircraft parked at an airport gate at night. The plane is connected to a jet bridge with the HSBC logo on it, facilitating passenger boarding and deboarding. The scene is illuminated by artificial lighting, and the airport tarmac is visible in the background.

The Business Class Cabin –

After a quick left-hand turn, we made our our way down the aisle towards the very front – seats 1A and 1C! I know it’s weird, but I just love seeing that 1A on my ticket next to my name…

A woman with long hair, wearing a black off-the-shoulder top and carrying a brown handbag, is walking down the aisle of an airplane. In the background, several other passengers and flight attendants are visible, some standing and some seated. The interior of the airplane, including seats and overhead compartments, can be seen. The image shows two business class seats on an airplane. The seats are spacious and upholstered in gray fabric with red headrests and white cloth covers. There is a central console between the seats with storage compartments and a wooden panel. The airplane windows are visible in the background, and a person is partially visible, standing near the seats.

The Seat – 1A –

Comfortable cloth seats and overall pretty spacious – the 2-2-2 configuration is perfect when traveling with a companion (as I was), though the lack of direct aisle access would be a bummer if traveling alone… not to mention the loneliness of traveling alone!

The image shows the interior of a first-class or business-class airplane cabin. There are two large, comfortable red seats with a wooden table between them. The seats are positioned next to two large windows. In front of the seats, there are two screens embedded in a partition wall, likely for in-flight entertainment. The cabin has a modern and luxurious design, with soft lighting and ample space. The image shows a pair of business class airplane seats. The seats are upholstered in gray fabric with red headrests and white cloth covers on the headrests. There is a center console between the seats with a wooden surface and storage compartments. The seats are positioned next to the airplane windows, which are illuminated with a warm yellow light. The overall setting appears to be clean and modern.

The image shows the interior of an airplane's business class section. There are several rows of spacious seats with red and gray upholstery. Each seat has a white headrest cover and a personal entertainment screen. Passengers are seen settling into their seats and storing their belongings. The overall atmosphere appears to be calm and organized. The image shows the interior of a modern train or airplane cabin. There are two screens mounted on the wall, both displaying a welcome message with a nature-themed background. Below the screens, there are two small compartments and a wooden surface. In front of the screens, there is a red cushioned bench seat. The overall design appears to be sleek and contemporary.

Sleepy Time – When I decided it was time for bed, I pulled down my comforter and pillow from the overhead bin, put my seat in lie-flat position and placed the comforter and nice and bed-like.

The image shows an airplane overhead bin containing a silver hard-shell suitcase and a large white pillow. The bin is open, revealing the items inside. The interior of the airplane is visible, with blue and yellow accents on the overhead compartments.

The image shows a lie-flat seat in an airplane, converted into a bed. The bed is made up with white bedding, including a pillow and a blanket. There is a reading light above the bed, and a small side table next to it with various items, including a pair of headphones and some papers. The setting appears to be in a business or first-class section of the airplane. The image shows a horizon at dawn or dusk, with a gradient of colors transitioning from dark blue at the top to a lighter blue and then to a warm orange near the horizon. The foreground is dark, likely indicating a landscape or sea in silhouette. The overall scene gives a sense of calm and the beginning or end of a day.

I wouldn’t say that I had a great night sleep, but I was at least able to catch some ZzZzs during the flight. I think I probably stayed up to late watching movies and stuffing my face… but more to come on that below! I did make sure to place my breakfast order prior to falling asleep, with instructions to wake me up. It may be just me, but I tend to prioritize food over sleep on flights like this… you can’t experience anything if you sleep through it all!

The Entertainment –

IFE Monitor – Nice large 15.4″ individual screens up in Business class – great for watching movies instead of resting up for a full day of exploring Santiago, Chile!

The image shows an in-flight entertainment screen displaying a flight path map. The map highlights the route from Miami (MIA) to Santiago (SCL), with a white line indicating the flight trajectory over a world map. The screen is embedded in the back of an airplane seat. A person is reclining in an airplane seat with their feet up, wearing socks. A blanket is draped over their legs. In front of them, there is an in-flight entertainment screen displaying a movie or TV show with a woman on the screen. The cabin lighting has a blue hue.

The image shows the interior of an airplane, specifically the headrests of two seats. The headrests are covered with white cloths that have a logo on them. The seats themselves are upholstered in a dark fabric, and the headrests are red. There is a window in the background, through which a warm light is visible. The image shows a close-up of a control panel for adjusting a seat, likely on an airplane. The panel has two sections with buttons and diagrams indicating different seat positions and adjustments. The background surface has a wood-like finish.

The image shows a close-up of a control panel embedded in the armrest of a seat, likely in an airplane. The panel includes various buttons and a circular dial, possibly for adjusting the seat position, lighting, or entertainment system. The surrounding area is upholstered in a textured gray fabric. The image shows a close-up view of two airplane seats with their armrests visible. The armrests are padded and have a white and gray color scheme. There is a person sitting next to the seats, partially visible, wearing a black shirt. Below the armrests, there is an electrical outlet with a plug inserted. The background includes parts of the airplane interior, such as the wall and seat fabric.

Headphones – Nothing Special. Not Bose or any other name brand, but they did have a fancy LATAM logo and definitely did the trick!

A person is holding a pair of silver over-ear headphones with the brand name "LATAM" printed on each ear cup. The background appears to be the interior of an airplane, with red seats and a small storage compartment visible.

The Food and Drank –

For the record, I will state that I was NOT HUNGRY on this flight. With a departure time of 9:15PM, I was still full from dinner and lounge food from earlier in the evening…

But did I let that stop me? NO, OF COURSE NOT! Hungry or not I had to experience what LATAM Business had to offer – solely in the name of flight review!

As per usual, to get the party started, we popped bubbles – some sparkling Chilean wine!

The image shows two glasses on a tray table in an airplane. One glass contains water, and the other contains a light yellow beverage, possibly white wine. Both glasses are placed on white napkins. In the background, there is an in-flight entertainment screen displaying a welcome message. The setting appears to be in a premium or business class cabin.

My favorite way to kickoff a flight experience!

Then immediately after take-off the crew began the dinner service.

Dinner –

To start… Asparagus soup, mixed greens and a bread and cheese selection.

Then for the Main… I requested the beef and potato, while my wife enjoyed the lemon fish and quinoa (the language barrier left us some difficulty determining what kind fish this actually was…). It was not my favorite, but I did end up eating most it, even though I wasn’t hungry… what’s wrong with me?

A meal is displayed consisting of several dishes. There is a bowl of creamy soup garnished with chopped herbs, a bowl of salad with greens and croutons, a plate with slices of cheese and dried apricots, and a bread roll. The dishes are arranged on a white tablecloth. A white plate contains a meal consisting of a piece of meat with brown gravy, roasted potatoes, and steamed broccoli. In the background, there are utensils and a small bottle, possibly containing oil or vinegar.

Next, ice cream 🙂

The image shows a small container of Häagen-Dazs Caramel Cone ice cream placed on a white plate. The container has a maroon lid and detailed nutritional information printed on the side. The label on the lid features an image of caramel cones and the text "Caramel Cone Ice Cream." There is also a small black plastic spoon placed next to the container on the plate. The background is slightly blurred, with some indistinct objects visible.

Breakfast – 

The pictures really didn’t turn out with the dark cabin, but that is ok since the breakfast was pretty basic. Here is the full menu though complete with what I ordered:

The image shows a close-up of a croissant on a white plate, accompanied by a small white bowl filled with chocolate spread. In the background, there is a white cup of coffee. The setting appears to be a breakfast or snack scene. A person is holding a long, narrow menu or list printed on white paper. The text on the paper is small and includes multiple lines, with some sections highlighted in a different color. The person is wearing a black wristwatch. The background includes a partially visible table setting with a white tablecloth and a white plate. The lighting is dim, suggesting a low-light environment.

The Amenities –

Amenity Kit – The LATAM amenity kits are Salvatore Ferragamo branded, complete with the usual suspects: toothbrush/toothpaste, a comb, tissues, earplugs, a mirror thingy, socks, a shoe bag, and some Salvatore Ferragamo lotion and lip balm.

A person is holding a small, rectangular, dark-colored pouch with the brand name "Salvatore Ferragamo" written on it in elegant script. The background includes a red cushioned seat and part of a gray wall.

The image shows three small tubes of Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul face cream placed in front of a dark blue toiletry bag. The tubes are white with brown caps and have the brand name written in red. The toiletry bag is plain with a subtle embossed logo. The image shows a collection of travel amenities laid out on a surface. The items include a pair of dark socks, a sleep mask, a small tube of lotion, a small tube of lip balm, a toothbrush with a cover, a small tube of toothpaste, a comb, a pack of tissues, a pair of earplugs, and a deck of playing cards. All items are arranged neatly, and some are still in their packaging.

The Ride & Views from the Wing –

Overall a smooth flight – no complaints. People say the 787 is a different flying experience – something to do with the air quality and humidity? I don’t know… but now it is in my head that I can really tell the difference (though I probably cannot).

A view from an airplane window showing the aircraft's wing and engine. The landscape below includes mountains, and the sky is transitioning from day to night, with a gradient of colors from light to dark. The horizon is visible in the distance.

Smooth sailing!

Arrival –

We arrived right on schedule around 7:30AM local Santiago time.

The image shows a LATAM Airlines aircraft parked at an airport gate. The plane is connected to a jet bridge, and there are other airport vehicles and equipment visible around it. In the background, another aircraft can be seen, along with a clear blue sky and some scattered clouds. The image shows the interior of an airplane cabin, likely in the business or first-class section. The cabin is illuminated with purple and blue ambient lighting. There are several rows of spacious seats, each equipped with personal entertainment screens. Some passengers are seated, and a flight attendant is seen walking down the aisle. The overall atmosphere appears modern and comfortable.

Hello Santiago!

Final Thought

My LATAM Business Class experience on the 787-9 was solid! Everything that I expected and then some!

It was just a small part of a great adventure and I look forward to the opportunity to experience it again some day!

Have you ever flown LATAM Business on the  787-9? What did you think!?

Happy Travels!


The image shows a simple white line drawing of a paper airplane on a blue circular background.


  1. I liked your review. the only complaint I have is with the layout of the blog. The words are thin and small and with this write background it does get a little bit hard to see. 🙂

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