17 Jul
Understanding and Winning the Southwest Boarding Process!

The Southwest Boarding Process – some LUV it, some hate it, but regardless of these feelings, when you fly Southwest you will have to deal with it! Southwest has “open seating” – meaning that if a seat is open when you walk down the aisle, it...

14 Jul
How Can You Receive “Targeted” Offers? Use CardMatch!

There is absolutely nothing better than a targeted offer for an increased credit card sign-up bonus on a credit card that I actually want to apply for! Knowing that I have been deemed worthy, that I have been chosen, that I am one of the...

12 Jul
AYP List of Top Credit Cards for July 2016!

The month of July is in full swing! But before we get started – A fun fact about the month of July… Per Wikipedia, (everyone’s most trusted source on the entire internet ;) ), July was actually named by the Roman Senate in honor of Julius Caesar...

05 Jul
Can you be Approved for 2 American Express Cards in One Day?

With the limited time sign-up bonuses on the Delta Gold and Delta Platinum Cards from American Express coming to an end July 6th (these offers end mid-day TODAY!), I decided to make a move and boost my Skymiles balance while the gettin' was good! The FICO...

27 Jun
Travel Apps to Better your Summer Travel Season!

I have a full 6 swipes of iPhone apps in my Travel folder (for all of you Android users out there – this means 9 apps per swipe, meaning a total of 54 travel related apps). Airline apps, hotel apps, booking apps, ride-share apps, travel...


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