03 Jun
AYP Travel Consulting Services – FREE!

Do you want to travel for free/cheap but don’t want to put the time and effort into developing an earning and redemption strategy? Then you are in luck my friend! In addition to the regular blog posts that appear, I also provide additional personal consulting services to be able to...

02 Jun
Increased Offers on the Delta American Express Credit Cards!

UPDATE: There is a higher offer available on the Delta Gold Card by American Express! Visit the Delta website, attempt to make a flight booking, and then before payment there should be an offer on the Delta Gold Card featuring a 50,000 Skymiles bonus + $100...

30 May
The Best and Worst of Southwest Airlines

I got LUV for Southwest. I would say that I fly Southwest at least 3 times as much as any other domestic carrier, and most of the time I am very happy with the experience! But, even with all that LUV, for someone that has...

25 May
Word to the Wise – Don’t Carry a Credit Card Balance!

Credit cards are wonderful. I love them very much. They have earned me an exorbitant amount of points and miles that have allowed me and my wife to travel the world at a level of luxury that we would never otherwise be able to afford. While...

23 May
Hotel Review – Four Seasons Singapore

Guest Writer Mallory (my wife & Editor-in-Chief) is in charge of AYP today as she gives her full detailed hotel review of the Four Seasons Singapore! Note - the opinions displayed in this article are our own and we did not receive any compensation related to this writing. Our inaugural...

20 May
Is the Capital One Venture Card Any Good?

I see more Capital One credit card commercials than all of the other card issuers combined. Watch one televised sporting event and Capital One will have at least 3 commercial segments, featuring the celebrity of your choice – Jennifer Gardner, Alec Baldwin, Samuel L Jackson...

18 May
AYP List of Top Credit Cards for May 2016!

A new month means a new AYP List of Top Credit Cards! I have a good feeling about May… especially since my wife’s last round of applications was in February (including the Chase Marriott Rewards) – meaning my personal 3-month wait rule (to allow credit...

16 May
Saving with American Express Amex Offers!

I love being an American Express cardholder. While I initially apply for American Express cards for the lucrative sign-up bonuses, there is another benefit that continually keeps American Express cards in my wallet, years after my application! Enter: Amex Offers. What is “Amex Offers”? According to American Express,...

13 May
Fare Deal Alert – Washington DC to Dublin, Ireland $317!

Dublin on your mind!? There are some awesome economy fares for $317 or less from Washington DC to Dublin, Ireland with Delta (and partners)! (Originally Seen on Secret Flying - check out the post for additional European cities Istanbul and Moscow). These flights are available through the November...


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