08 Feb
Saving Money With Spirit

With half of my family located in Atlanta, the trip up I-75 from Tampa has become all too familiar. The total drive time for a one way trip is about 7 hours (bragging rights go to those who can knock this time down to 6.5,...

04 Feb
Fly to Budapest this Spring for $600 or less round-trip!

Budapest on your mind this Spring? There are some awesome economy fares for $600 or less from 4 US cities (including Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston & New York) as well as Toronto (as posted previously by Million Mile Secrets). These flights are available through the...

03 Feb
AYP Destination Series – Request for input!

Hey Friends of AcCounting Your Points! I was brainstorming post ideas this past weekend and thought of writing an “AYP Destination Series” – detailing specific destinations around the world and how to experience them at little to no cost using points and miles! How to...

27 Jan
Shopping Your Way to Points, Miles & Cash

Credit card sign-up bonuses are your new best friend. But similar to anything or anyone you spend too much time with, credit card sign-up bonuses can get on your nerves and make you not want to hang out with them anymore… So if this happens...

22 Jan
Non-Credit Card Earning Options

Despite the fact there are literally thousands of credit cards out there available for us to sign up for (just ask this guy), our credit scores can only handle a certain number of hard credit inquiries (that result from applying for credit cards) at a...

20 Jan
Redeeming Chase Ultimate Rewards – Transfer Partners

Chase Ultimate Rewards points are some of the most valuable and flexible points on the market. If you tuned into my post last week then you saw how you could earn 55,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points by signing up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) card!...

18 Jan
FREE AYP Travel Consulting Services

Do you want to travel for free/cheap but don’t want to put the time and effort into developing an earning and redemption strategy? Then you are in luck my friend! In addition to the regular blog posts that appear, I also provide additional personal consulting services to be able to...

15 Jan
Searching for Cheap Airfare

“I always do my research prior to booking flights… I spent 3 hours last night looking at all the different travel sites to find the best option!” A coworker mentioned this to me yesterday and unfortunately this is what most of us end up doing when...


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