23 Jun
Delta 757-200 First Class – Worth the Extra Miles?

I have my eyes set on a trip to Iceland and am currently perusing the inter-webs for the very best redemption options! While homebase is in Tampa and there is a non-stop TPA-KEF Icelandair flight on the horizon, I am open to other redemption options....

20 Jun
Are You a Boring Points Redeemer?

This past weekend I was involved in 3 separate travel bookings. While the purpose of these trips varied, the actual point redemptions were relatively similar...

12 Jun
Does Chase Trip Delay Reimbursement Work? Part 2

I recently experienced a flight cancellation on my way home from Colorado Springs (See PART 1). It was a major bummer, but it provided me the perfect opportunity to test out a certain credit card benefit...

08 Jun
Amex Business Platinum – Pay With Points Rebate Timing

Back in April, American Express announced that the Business Platinum 's 50% Membership Rewards points back posting (after you use the Pay With Points feature on selected airline or First Class airfare) would move from a speedy 24 hours to an extended 6-10 weeks! I wish...

06 Jun
Does Chase Trip Delay Reimbursement Work? Part 1

Trip Delay Reimbursement! Just one of the laundry list of travel benefits offered by the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Up to $500 for unreimbursed expenses? That sounds too good to be true!? Hmm...

30 May
United MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge 2017

United MileagePlus Premier elite status, or any airline status for that matter, provides travelers added comfort, convenience, and flexibility. For some travelers it borders on the line of obsession! Often times a quest for airline status includes flying on more expensive and/or inconvenient itineraries with...

23 May
Still Alive – The Merrill+ Visa Signature 50k Sign-up Bonus

Grab the bull by the horns! The Merrill+ Visa Signature is still available for new sign-ups at a very attractive 50,000 points! While the application is strictly phone call ONLY as it is no longer available online, it is worth the extra effort! WARNING: Doctor of...


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