09 Oct Confirmed – Save Money By Buying Frontier Tickets At The Airport!

A couple weeks ago, I came across an article by Travis at One Mile At A Time suggesting that it should be possible to save money on Frontier flights by purchasing your tickets at the airport counter. I had an upcoming Frontier flight that I was looking to book, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to put his hypothesis to the test!

Frontier’s Website Convenience Fee?

Travis was able to breakdown an example Frontier airfare and identify a little something called a carrier interface charge, or CIC.

Essentially, this charge is just a website convenience fee, but Frontier has done an incredible job at burying it so far within the “Taxes and Carrier Imposed Fees” line that most people (including myself) never realize that it is even there!


The CIC is a tax-exempt fee, and therefore there must be a way to avoid it!

Travis guessed that way is to pay for your Frontier tickets at the airport…. but is he right!?

At the Airport

For some, going to the airport is a hassle. For me, I live just 10 minutes from the TPA airport and happened to be headed there anyway to pick up my in-laws!

I love the airport… seriously!

Rather than pick them up curbside, I arrived a bit early, parked in the short-term garage and headed to the Frontier ticket counter to score some cheap[er] flights for my wife and I.

While I waited to speak to an agent, I searched the exact flights I needed on google flights:

Online – 2 one-way tickets = $157 total ($79 each)

If the tickets can be purchased online at $157, and there is ~$20 per ticket in CICs, I would expect that my total purchase for the same exact flights should be around $40 CHEAPER when I purchase at the ticket counter…


Frontier Ticket Counter – 2 one-way tickets = $119 total ($59.50 each)

Final Thought

You CAN save money by buying Frontier tickets at the airport counter. To the tune of ~$20 per segment!

Big thanks to Travis at One Mile At A Time for uncovering this and saving me an easy ~$40 on my upcoming trip. I will never purchase a Frontier ticket online ever again!

AYP Tip – This same process can be utilized to save money on Spirit Airlines as well!

Did any of you out there know about Frontier’s ~$20 carrier interface charge? Do you plan to purchase your Frontier tickets at the airport from now on?

Happy Travels!


  • Gino
    Posted at 23:27h, 12 October Reply

    Great to hear this can be done w/ Frontier as well! I just did this with Spirit this morning and it was painless – I saved $30 on a one way ticket and spent less than 15 minutes total at the airport. The 90 minute flight ending up costing just $15. I noticed Spirit also doesn’t charge their “Unintended consequences” fee or fuel surcharge for tix booked at airport counter.

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