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Amex Business Platinum – Pay With Points Rebate Timing

Back in April, American Express announced that the Business Platinum ‘s 50% Membership Rewards points back posting (after you use the Pay With Points feature on selected airline or First Class airfare) would move from a speedy 24 hours to an extended 6-10 weeks!

I wish that was the only devaluation that American Express announced that month…

We thought that was bad, until we heard another announcement from our friends at Amex that the 50% rebate would turn to just 35% as of June 1st!?

Bummer man!

Any Good News?

While we were all bummed on the 50% to 35% devaluation, some of us (including myself) caught a break in that “New” Business Platinum cardholders (new, meaning customers who signed up October 5th through May 31, 2017) would continue to receive the 50% rebate for a full cardmember year.

Delayed Bonus Rebate Timing

While I avoided the rebate decrease (for now), it seems that the delay in timing of the rebate posting is already in effect. Here is a flight I booked using the pay with points option back in March, BEFORE the Amex announcement:

Note the redemption and rebate posting dates – just 24 hours!

Speedy, eh!?

Now take a look at another flight I booked with the pay with points option AFTER the Amex announcement:

That’s a 5/5/17 redemption and a 6/5 rebate… a full month!

Definitely a delay compared to March, but to take a glass-half-full approach (more like glass-quarter-full), the rebate points took just 1 month to post – compared to the 6-10 weeks as advertised by Amex! Your experiences may vary here, so feel free to leave a comment with your timing!

Final Thought

American Express Business Platinum cardholders can still benefit from the pay with points rebate – though only “new” cardholders will enjoy the it at the historic 50% level. All you other folks will be stuck with a much less rewarding 35%… sorry, guys!

Additionally, ALL cardholders will experience the significant delay in that actual posting of the Membership Rewards rebate compared to the previous 24-hour timeframe… though it is possible that these points come a few days/one week prior to the 6-10 week timeline as advertised by Amex!

Not a cause for celebration, but some good information for those really itching to have that rebate post!

What has been your experience with the Amex Business Platinum pay with points % rebate devaluation? How long do your rebate points take to post?

Happy Travels!



  1. At this point I am just converting all my MR’s to Alaska (my selected airline) flight credit at 2cpp as fast as I earn them. That way I can take advantage of 50% rebate before it ends for me in October.

    1. Good call! I’m not ready to burn all my MRs yet… but if I have the opportunity to get 2cpp on Delta flights prior to November, I will be all over it!

      1. They do expire after one year.

        Although I am not 100% sure, but I think when you add to you balance, the date is reset to 1 year from the date you add to the balance.

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