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Andaz London Liverpool Street – Highs and Lows

The image shows a street view of a large, historic building with a red brick facade and numerous windows. The building features ornate architectural details, including arched windows and decorative stonework. The lower part of the building has a white stone section with a glass canopy over an entrance. The overall style suggests it is an older, possibly Victorian-era structure.

I stayed at the Andaz London Liverpool Street this past December. It was just a small part of a great New Years trip!


I had a great experience and I look forward to telling you more about it, but this will not be a typical hotel review.

See, I recently realized I have some problems with the idea of an all-encompassing, comprehensive hotel review. These reviews are overdone, unrealistic and create information overload. Not to mention, they can be kind of boring (both to read and write)!

Quite frankly, there are people out there that can do a much better job in covering every little hotel room detail – all the way down to folding of the bathroom tissue – but I’ve decided I am done with that type of review!

Instead, I am going to stick to a much more succinct “best and worst” or “highs and lows” type of post. This will allow you a peek at the hotel properties I visited with some highlights and lowlights along the way, and without all the unnecessary clutter! Without further ado…

Andaz London Liverpool Street – The Highlights

The image shows a large, multi-story building with a red brick facade and numerous windows. The architecture appears to be historic, with intricate detailing around the windows and roofline. The lower part of the building includes a white section with a glass canopy over an entrance. The overall style suggests a blend of classic and modern elements.
‘Ello from the Andaz London Liverpool Street!

The Suite… (aka Sweet!)

Eventually (following my #1 Lowlight below), we were shown to Room 104… and it was sweeeeeet. “The best room on the property,” we were told by the bellman, and I believe it! The typical London hotel room is teensy tiny, but this suite had square footage for days! I mean I could sit here and babble all day, but I’ll let the snapshots below do the talking…

The image shows a partially open wooden door with the number "104" on it. Through the doorway, a room is visible with a console table against the far wall. Above the table, there is a circular piece of art or a mirror. The room is well-lit with ceiling lights. The image shows a modern living room with a red sectional sofa and a matching red armchair. There is a large window with curtains on the left side of the room. A flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall, and a decorative round mirror is hung next to it. A minimalist black console table with a few items on it, including a bottle, is placed against the wall. The room is well-lit with recessed lighting and a floor lamp near the window. The overall decor is contemporary with a touch of color from the red furniture.

The image shows a modern, well-lit hallway with wooden flooring. On the left side, there is a console table with a bottle and a small red book or box on it. Above the table, there is a round, abstract wall art piece with red, green, and white colors. The hallway leads to a room in the background, which appears to be a living area with a couch and some decor. The right side of the hallway has a dark, glossy wall. The image shows an open wardrobe with dark brown doors and a red interior. Inside the wardrobe, there are a few hanging clothes on a rod, including a white shirt and a black jacket. The wardrobe also has shelves, one of which contains a small framed picture and some folded items. In the background, there is a glimpse of a bathroom with a sink and a mirror.

The image shows a modern bathroom with white subway tile walls. There is a double sink with a black countertop, each sink having its own faucet and a white towel hanging below. Above the sinks is a large mirror with a dark frame, and to the right of the mirror is a glass shelf with toiletries. The bathroom also features a toilet and a bathtub with a chrome faucet. The overall design is clean and contemporary. The image shows a modern hotel room with a large bed in the center, featuring white bedding and a dark headboard. On either side of the bed are nightstands with lamps. To the left of the bed, there is a wooden desk with a chair and a lamp. In the corner of the room, there is a red armchair. The room has a neutral color scheme with soft lighting, and there is a window with closed blinds. A piece of abstract art is hanging on the wall near the desk.

The image shows a modern, well-lit hotel room with a large bed in the foreground. The room features a desk with a chair and a lamp on the right side, positioned in front of a large window with curtains. There is a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall next to the desk. In the background, there is a seating area with two chairs and a small table, illuminated by a floor lamp. The room has a clean and minimalist design with neutral colors. The image shows a neatly made bed with white linens and two pillows, positioned against a dark wooden headboard. On either side of the bed are nightstands with small lamps that are turned on, casting a warm light. The overall setting appears to be a cozy and well-lit bedroom.

This is by no means a reflection of a standard Andaz London room. As a matter of fact, I remember reading a review before my stay where the author comments on the unfortunately small room size.

We mixed a little bit of status, with a lotta bit of luck, and came up winners!

The Forgiveness

For those guests with Hyatt Diamond status, breakfast is complimentary. Breakfast is served in the 1901 Restaurant from 6:30am-10:00am on weekdays and a very generous 7:30am-12:00pm on weekends.

A buffet table is set with various food items. There are plates of sliced meats, smoked salmon, and rolled herring. Several small bowls contain condiments and garnishes, such as capers and sauces. There are also pitchers of different beverages and a variety of garnishes, including lemon slices. The table is well-organized, with a sign indicating "Smoked Salmon" and "Rolled Herring." The overall presentation is elegant and inviting. The image shows a buffet setup with various beverages and food items. There are several glass carafes filled with different types of juices, including orange, red, and yellow juices, placed on a bed of ice. Next to the carafes, there are small bottles of juice neatly arranged. Behind the beverages, there are bowls containing different types of food, possibly cereals or nuts. There are also some fruits and vegetables displayed, along with a chalkboard sign that lists the available juices, including mango and apple. The setting appears to be in a dining area with tables and chairs in the background.

The image shows a buffet table set up for breakfast in a dining area. The table is filled with a variety of food items, including a large wooden bowl of fresh fruits such as apples, bananas, and a pineapple. There are also bowls of cut fruits, plates of cold cuts, cheeses, and various condiments. In the background, there are tables and chairs, with a few people seated and dining. The room is well-lit with elegant lighting and has a festive decoration, including a Christmas tree. The image shows a buffet table with a variety of fresh cut fruits. There are bowls containing pineapple chunks, melon cubes, and pear slices. Sliced kiwi and a bowl of black olives are also present. In the background, there are whole apples and oranges, as well as small containers of yogurt or pudding. Plates and utensils are arranged on the side for serving.

I was [erroneously] under the impression that this complimentary meal also applied to room service. This wasn’t too crazy of an assumption considering that is the case at certain Hyatt properties. Unfortunately for me, the Andaz London Liverpool Street was not one of those properties.

A neatly set breakfast table with a variety of items. There is a plate with an omelette and cherry tomatoes, a bowl of yogurt or porridge topped with berries, a plate with more berries, a basket of bread, several slices of toast, a glass of orange juice, a cup of cappuccino, and a selection of small jars, likely containing jams or spreads. The table is covered with a white tablecloth and has neatly arranged cutlery and napkins.
Honest mistake on my part! Appreciated the forgiveness!

At checkout I was hit with a 50 pound room service charge for breakfast – one which would have been complimentary had I forced my lazy ass out of bed and downstairs to the 1901 Restaurant buffet spread!

I explained to the hotel representative my error in thinking, apologized for my mistake, and requested a “one-time forgiveness,” to relieve me from the hefty tab. To my surprise and much delight, the hotel rep informed me that he would have the charges removed and my wallet would remain 50 pounds heavier!

AYP Tip – If you mess up, acknowledge your mistake, sincerely ask for forgiveness, and you just might be surprised what lengths a service industry professional is willing to go to meet your satisfaction!

The Vibe

I mean the vibe you guys… For those that have ever stayed at an Andaz, you know what I’m talking about. The lighting, the décor, the mood – it overflowed with cool. (Wayyy too cool for this CPA, I’m sure!)

The image shows a pool table with a purple felt surface. There is a white cue ball and a rack of colored balls on the table. In the background, there are some decorative plants and a set of pool cues standing upright against the wall. The room has a modern and clean design with light-colored walls and wooden flooring. The image shows an upward view of a circular, multi-story atrium with concentric balconies. The ceiling is a skylight, allowing natural light to illuminate the space. The walls are lined with evenly spaced lights, creating a symmetrical and modern architectural design.

A PURPLE pool table AND poem laden spiral overlooks!?  Andaz Vibeeeees…

I hate to complain (do I really?), but it wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops… The Lowlights!

The Check-in Process

Keeping with the hip, trendy Andaz vibe – there is no traditional walk up check-in counter. Instead, we were approached by a hotel associate requesting our information and accompanying passports.

The image shows a modern hotel reception area. There are several people interacting with the reception staff behind a sleek, black counter. The counter has computer monitors and other office equipment on it. Above the counter, there are stylish pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. In the background, there is a luggage cart and a person in a yellow jacket handling some luggage. The overall decor is contemporary with dark walls and a clean, organized appearance.
Not a formal Check-in… but rather set off to the side to allow for a more informal process.

Cool, no problem… except that there was a problem. Apparently the reservation system was down and the hotel reps were unable to access our information to process our check-in. Still, not really a big deal, and the hotel made up for this technical difficulty be offering us a glass of wine.

A dimly lit lounge area with modern decor, featuring a large glass window and a tall, cylindrical sculpture in the background. There are a few people sitting on couches, and a glass of red wine is prominently in the foreground, placed on a table. The lighting has a greenish hue, adding to the ambiance of the space.
And now, we wait! The wine was meh, by the way…

About 10 minutes later the reservation system was back online and we were back in business.

But it was about that time we ran into our next problem.

I booked our stay on 2 separate reservations. The first night was reserved on a paid rate, while the next two nights were booked with Ultimate Rewards via the Chase travel portal (at a rate of 20,000 UR points, versus the typical 25,000 Gold Passport points typically required). To further complicate things, I utilized a Diamond Suite Upgrade (DSU) on the first night. Since DSUs cannot be used on reservations booked through outside travel agents, I could not apply it to the full stay, but I figured the hotel would go ahead and do so, since requiring guests to physically move rooms during a stay is not practical.

I was wrong. I was informed I could use the upgrade the first night, but would in fact be charged 150 pound per night for the remainder of the stay, unless I chose to downgrade my room. Fair enough. I attempted to game the system a bit and the hotel called me on it, though this definitely did not scream customer service.

Hmmm… so pay 300 pounds, or move rooms after the first night?

After we were shown the room, we knew we had to stay all 3 nights, and were willing to pay the extra 300 pounds. However, I gave it one last go and talked to the manager, who quickly agreed that the DSU could be applied to the full stay and all ended well!

The image shows a bottle of wine placed between two upside-down wine glasses. Behind the wine bottle, there is a red book with text on the cover. The setup is on a reflective surface, and there is a white piece of paper in the foreground.
There even happened to be a free bottle of wine waiting for us!

While this has a happy ending, the time we spent at check-in working through these issues took away from our time experiencing London. For that, it makes my top lowlight!

Location, location, location

The Andaz London Liverpool Street is situated in East London and while the hotel has easy access to public transportation, being right next to the Liverpool Train Station and an associated Tube stop, it poses a challenge for anyone more interested in a walkable London experience. A walk to Big Ben or Westminster Abbey, for example, would require a 2.7 mile walk spanning approximately 54 minutes.

A hand is holding a McDonald's McFlurry cup and a brown paper bag with a yellow design. The background shows a dark surface with the partially visible word "ANDA" in white letters.
Very close to a McDonalds for a late night McFlurry… don’t judge!

Some people might argue that the location is strategic and provides access to all of London via the tube network, and I can understand that perspective. My wife and I leveraged the tube for the bulk of our city travels, but I realize some travelers prefer hotel properties near the city center to avoid any complications with public transportation.

Free and Never-ending Snacks

Like all of its fellow Andaz properties across the world, the Andaz London Liverpool Street provides free snacks replenished at your request! Every item of food and drink in the room is free for the taking, except alcohol.

The image shows an open mini-fridge with various beverages inside. On the top shelf, there are bottles and cans of drinks, including orange juice, Coca-Cola, and other sodas. The bottom shelf contains bottled water and other beverages. The inside of the fridge door has a sign that reads "thirsty?" with additional text below it. The interior of the fridge is illuminated, and the overall color scheme inside the fridge is red and white. The image shows a hospitality tray typically found in hotel rooms. The tray includes a stainless steel electric kettle, two upside-down glass cups, a variety of tea and coffee packets, sugar packets, stirrers, and a bag of potato chips. The items are neatly arranged on a black tray with a red background.

I know what you’re thinking… WTF could be wrong with free snacks!?

Well, how about the fact that I could not stop eating them! The cookies, the milk, the apple juice the potato chips – it was all free and I just couldn’t say no!

Sure I displayed a lack of self-control in my devouring, but it was all enabled by the Andaz and their ever replenishing snack bar!

All kidding aside, the snacks are great and really can be tallied as another highlight! In a world where hotels jack up the prices on minibar items, the Andaz snacking practice is a nice change of pace.

Final Thought and Overall Impression

The Andaz London Liverpool Street keeps up with the signature cool Andaz vibe and perfectly aligns with the brand. While I tend to lean towards the sleek but elegant Park Hyatt feel, I really appreciated the overall look and feel of this property.

While I enjoyed my stay, I do not expect that I will stay at this hotel again. Without that monster suite, I just don’t think that this property was attractive enough to keep me from looking elsewhere in London. The city of London is jam-packed with hotel options, many of which top the Andaz in some very important categories, and those possibilities should not go unexplored!

I hope you enjoyed the little peek at the Andaz London Liverpool and appreciated my highlights and low-lights without the cluttering details of a full hotel review.

Let me know if you appreciated just the highlights or if you prefer details galore!

And if you are dying for more details surrounding this hotel? Check out the Forward Cabin for more comprehensive review!

Happy Travels!




  1. Wow you seem like a real gem. You tried to game the DSU system and got caught. Then proceeded to take it up to the manager, Wow. Being a pain in the backside must be real fun.

    1. Thanks for the comment and appreciate the read. Isn’t gaming the system what travel hacking and the points and miles community is all about?

      I clearly stated: “Fair enough. I attempted to game the system a bit and the hotel called me on it”

      My “escalation” to the manager was not a complaint, but a request for an extension of goodwill based on elite status. Pretty harmless request here and I honestly don’t see the problem. The manager had every right and opportunity to deny the request, and I would have understood – and that would have been that. She seemed more than happy to offer the suite for the full stay (as a hotel manager, isn’t customer service the name of the game?) and did not appear to act like I was being “a pain in the backside” as you put it.

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