25 Jan Attention Prior2Boarding Readers: Welcome to AcCountingYourPoints!

Hey it’s Derek at AcCounting Your Points – we are officially on Prior2Boarding!

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You may have seen a post or 2 feed through the Prior2Boarding webpage, Facebook, or Twitter, so I just wanted to blast out a quick introduction so you can see what we are all about!

Who we are…

My name is Derek (alias DW) and I started the site AcCounting Your Points a little over a year ago. Why? To help all of you – family, friends and complete strangers – take advantage of travel deals and promotions in order to travel for significantly less money than you currently do!

In addition to myself, we have my lovely and talented wife, who works diligently to edit my grammatical & spelling errors out of each and every post! She also helps me out with hotel reviews here and there!


How Singapore Suites it is…

While it has been just us two for the past year, we are very excited to have a fellow points and miles fanatic joining our writing team in the coming days! She has a few posts in the works, one of which she will provide a formal introduction!

How we got here…

January 2011 Began a career at a Big 4 AcCounting firm – Traveled full time & became obsessed with leveraging rewards earned through business travel for personal use!

Next 5 years – Traveled the world for pennies on the dollar leveraging points, miles and travel rewards!


January 2016 –  I decided to write down some of the tips and tricks I used to travel more for less – AcCounting Your Points is born – Hello… it’s me!

October 2016  AYP joined TravelUpdate – A multi-author travel blog, supported by the BoardingArea network, and comprised of enthusiastic travelers from across the world!


January 2017 – AcCounting Your Points joins Prior2Boarding, supported by the BoardingArea network!

January 2021 – AcCounting Your Points inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States of America!

Why AcCounting Your Points?

AcCounting Your Points is a unique title – all stemming from my day job as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)! Interestingly enough, I recently made a slight career move to a more finance geared role. Despite the change, the AcCounting Your Points name remains, as Financing Your Points sounds like I am advising you to take out a 2nd mortgage on your house to accumulate points – not what I advocate at all!

Be sure to check out my Million Mile Secrets interview for a much more detailed introduction…

What we like…

Credit cards, loyalty programs, hotels, airplanes, airports, travel deals and promotions, discounts, point maximization strategies, award travel bookings – anything and everything travel and (more importantly) travel rewards related!

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Some of our all-time favorite posts…

The Starter Guide – Perfect whether you’re just getting started or have been points gaming for years! You cannot be an expert without the fundamentals!

application piggy plane

Can You Use Chase Ultimate Rewards to Fly on… Delta? American Airlines? jetBlue?

That time we flew Singapore Airlines Suites-class all the way from New York to Singapore…

Mal and Der in SIN

In my personal and absolutely biased opinion, every post on AcCounting Your Points could be a favorite post…

Final Thought

Welcome to AYP! You’ll be seeing more and more of our stuff roll through Prior2Baording, and we think that is a good thing for us all! You get to read all the latest in points and miles – including our own personal travel rewards strategies – and in return, we get to do what we love most… talk about points and miles!

We love you all and can’t wait to get to know you better! In the meantime…

Happy Travels!



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