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AYP Travel Consulting Services – FREE!

Do you want to travel for free/cheap but don’t want to put the time and effort into developing an earning and redemption strategy?

Then you are in luck my friend!

In addition to the regular blog posts that appear, I also provide additional personal consulting services to be able to tailor custom “points and miles strategies” in order to assist individuals with planning a trip from start to finish. These strategies include which cards to apply for, how to earn/accumulate miles and planning, redeeming and booking your award travel for you! And the best part is that the first consultation is FREE!

AYP Travel Consulting PiC
Help me, help you achieve your travel dreams!

So if you ever find yourself thinking about how you can plan a certain trip for ZERO to minimal cost (by opening new credit cards, or using strategies to maximize points you have on existing cards), or if you find yourself having difficulty maximizing the points you already have, let me know! Some topics include:

  • Credit Improvement Strategies (Increasing your credit score)
  • Credit Card Application Strategies (Based on your travel wants and needs)
  • Keep vs Close Account Decisions (Is the annual fee worth the benefit?)
  • Top Redemption Advice (Best value destinations for using your stash of points and miles)
  • Paid (Not Points/Miles) Travel Bookings (Custom searches to provide the lowest available cost for paid travel)
  • Award Bookings (Redeeming points and miles for domestic or international travel)
  • Anything else that you may have questions on!
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Don’t miss out on views like this! Email me today!

Send me a message at accountingyourpoints@yahoo.com for specific services offered and your first free consultation.

Happy Travels!


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