27 Jan Chase Dumps Sapphire Reserve Pre-Approvals

I have some bad news for any and all OVER 5/24-er’s out there who don’t yet have their hand on a shiny new Chase Sapphire Reserve card…

As first reported by Doctor of Credit:

Chase has (temporarily) removed Pre-Approvals related to the ever-popular Chase Sapphire Reserve.


Why does this matter?

This move is key, since applying through your Chase Banker with a Pre-Approved/Pre-Qualified offer provided the best chance at beating Chase’s 5/24 Rule!

I can attest to this fact, as yours truly was able to gain approval for the Chase Sapphire Reserve in this manner!

Ain't she beautiful!?

Ain’t she beautiful!?

Timing is Everything…

This news comes just a few weeks after Chase slashed the online public offer for the Reserve in half – from 100,000 Ultimate Rewards, to 50,000 Ultimate Rewards. Despite their move on the inter-webs, Chase still plans on offering that MEGA 100,000 point bonus in-branch through March 11th!

But, if you are over 5/24, it seems that you have waited too long, as this “temporary” removal of Pre-Approval offers will most likely be in effect through that March 11th deadline…

Wait… what is Chase 5/24? And how do I know if I am over?

If you have (somehow) missed all this Chase 5/24 and CSR talk, here’s a quick refresh…

The Chase 5/24 Rule –

The Chase 5/24 Rule suggests that if you have opened 5 or more credit cards in the last 24 months, your application will not be approved for a new Chase Credit Card.

Note: This includes cards from ANY Issuer (including authorized user cards)

Check your credit report or sift through creditkarma.com to confirm your 5/24 status!

Final Thought

Are you still under Chase 5/24?

Good for you! You still have some time to make moves on the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100k offer!

My advice would be to hurry on over to your local Chase branch soon though, before Chase changes their minds again!

Are you over Chase 5/24?

Tough luck my friend… looks like you will have to wait it out (missing the 100k offer) and settle for 50k points (which still can be quite valuable)!

Be sure to look out for when this “temporary” Pre-Approval hold is lifted and this route through 5/24 opens back up!

Happy Travels!






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