09 Jan Chase Sapphire Reserve 100k Bonus ENDS SOON!

UPDATE: The public online offer for this card has decreased to 50,000 points. If you are still interested in this card and the 100,000 point bonus make sure to head to your local Chase branch now! Or at least before the in-branch offer is pulled, which is set for March 12, 2017!

I knew the moment that the Chase Sapphire Reserve card was released it was too good to last long! Chase has announced that the 100,000 Ultimate Reward point sign-up bonus is dropping to a mere 50,000 points THIS WEEK. The last day to apply online for the card under the current monster 100k offer is January 11, 2017!

Before you totally freak out, Chase has stated that the 100k bonus will still be available in Chase branches around the US through March 11th.  But if you are one of those people that is scared of human to human contact then I suggest you plan accordingly and apply online SOON!

Ain't she beautiful!?

Get the Reserve at 100k Ultimate rewards while you still can!

With that monster bonus it was only a matter of time until Chase realized how much better their Reserve card was compared to every other credit card on the market. Well they realized it alright, and it only cost them a cool $300 MILLION in sign-up bonus rewards to figure it out!

The Current Offer… til January 11th

  • Sign-up bonus of 100,000 Chase Ultimate rewards after $4,000 spending after 3 months! (Seriously people… 100,000 points! That is HUGE! I honestly cannot believe that they ever offered a are point sign-up bonus that good…)
  • $300 Annual Travel Credit automatically applied to your account – includes airfare, hotel stays and more!
  • Lounge Access – Priority Pass Select (includes guest privileges)
  • $100 Global Entry (or TSA Pre-Check) Fee Credit
  • A $450 Annual Fee (Not Waived), $75 for Authorized Users
  • Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards for a 50% bonus (compared to 25% with the Sapphire Preferred) through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal
  • 1:1 Point Transfer to Chase Transfer Partners
  • 3x Earning on Dining & Travel Expenditures
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • Visa Infinite

This card is absolutely the best credit card on the market – period.

My advice? Get this card – NOW!

“But Derek, the card has a $450 annual fee – is it really worth that?”

Yes. Stop asking silly questions and blindly trust me… JUST DO IT! The points are worth at least $1,500, plus you get $300 in travel credit EVERY YEAR and there are a bunch of other sweet perks!

Big EXCEPTION – DO NOT apply for this card if you have applied for 5 or more credit cards in the past 24 months (that’s 2 years people). If this is you and you apply online -you will be denied!

Trust me. I’m a Doctor…

5/24 Got You Down?

For those over 5/24, there is still a way to get in on this mega 100k offer, but you must man up and talk to an actual person! Yep, that’s right people – you will have to apply in-branch with a Chase banker.

Chase Bank

Head to a Chase Branch near you!

When you walk in, tell a banking representative that you want to see if you are pre-approved for any Chase credit cards, and specifically the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. A pre-approved offer is the ONLY way that you will be able to bypass the Chase 5/24 rule and even then it is not a sure thing.

You are looking for a pre-approved offer – and even more specifically, a pre-approved offer with a fixed interest rate – signaling that it is a true pre-approved offer specific to you and your credit profile.

Unfortunately, not all of you will have a pre-approval. For example, I was pre-approved for the card so I applied and was approved back in September, yet my wife has yet to receive a pre-approval offer. We check at the beginning of each moth as it seems that Chase pre-approval offers reset each month start, but no luck yet. We have just 2 more months before the bonus drop and are crossing our fingers for a pre-approval offer in the near future!

AYP Tip – Be careful, as some bankers may try to sell you and mention that you have an “invitation” to apply for the card. This is not what you want!

Final Thought

If you do not yet have the best credit card on the market – the Chase Sapphire Reserve – you have a few more days to get in on the action via an online application. If you miss the January 11th online deadline there is still no need to panic, as you can apply in-branch through March 11th. Keep in mind that Chase could always pull the in-branch offer prior to that date, so don’t hesitate here!

Also, for all you folks impacted by 5/24, the in-branch pre-approved offer is really your only hope!

The CSR can make all your travel dreams come true, you just have to let it!

Amsterdam Canal

Where will your 100k CSR Bonus take you!?

Act NOW and good luck! And of course, Happy Travels!




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