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How to convince your wife (or husband) to travel to France

You want to go to France. Bistro dining in Paris, sipping through wine country, lounging around in the French Rivera – who wouldn’t want these things in his life?

But, while you may be very excited to visit this beautiful country, it may be the case that your wife (or husband) doesn’t share your excitement…. trust me, I’ve been there!

She will say ridiculous things like “it’s too far for long a weekend trip” and “my boss will fire me if I take any more vacation time.”

Pish posh!

If you do happen to encounter a situation as unfortunate as this, I am here to tell you that there is no need to panic. Why? Well, because I have come up with a very detailed, very PROVEN method to convince your wife or husband to take that trip to France that you have always dreamed about!

Step 1 – Show her how romantic Paris can be…

Paris is the most romantic city on Earth! Remind your loved one that Paris the only place in the world where you can champagne toast at the top of the Effiel tower, evening cruise on the River Seine, or stroll hand in hand through Luxembourg Gardens!

Remind her that Paris is always a good idea…

Step 2 – Feed her French cheese, pour her French wine, and stuff macarons in her mouth

Adopt a French themed diet and limit any and all food and drink consumption to products sourced directly from France. This really is going to take some effort on your end, and may or may not include throwing out every item currently in your pantry to be replaced with something French.

This is not the time to think frugal, you are trying to get to France here! Get the good stuff and go for the Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, or even some Domaine Romanée Conti! Match it the most expensive Brie de Meaux and Camembert cheeses and finish them off with a rainbow assortment of macarons (those colorful cookie sandwich looking things).

Your goal should be to create a dependence on French cheese and wine, only then to take these things away altogether. While all things French have been removed, your wife will still crave them, providing you the perfect opportunity to offer to take her directly to the source!

Sure, the price tag on all this imported cheese and wine will be hefty, but you said you wanted to go to France, right?

Step 3 – Offer to redeem your 140k Skymiles to fly her roundtrip in Delta One Business Class

Chicks dig Business Class. If you have Skymiles you are probably trying to get rid of them, and what better way to than flying your wifey in style across the Atlantic! Sure, Delta’s 767 & 777 Business Class are not top-tier, but you wife won’t know that until she gets on the plane – and at that point it will be too late!

She can lie down, get some rest on that Westin heavenly bedding, and be ready to go by morning time touchdown at CDG!

Final Thought

Don’t let something you dare let your significant other keep you both from experiencing all that France has to offer!

Follow my 3 step process EXACTLY as I have outlined above, and I can guarantee that you will find yourself on that French vacation before you can say oui oui!

What are some other methods you have employed to convince your wife or husband to go to [insert destination of your choice]!?

Happy Travels!



  1. What happened if they reminded you of the bombing? That’s my dilemma right now cuz my wife refused to go because of it. I can pick anywhere in the world except Paris.

    1. Good question. If someone truly does not feel safe traveling to Paris then it will be tough to convince him/her otherwise… though every tourist site, concert, metro or sporting event is a possible terror target. Just have to be as safe as possible, live your life and don’t let fear dictate how you experience the world!



  2. Cute fun post but a couple points are missing. My wife is still maxed out on vacation and we both worry a long weekend is unrealistic from our Midwestern location. Travel at Thanksgiving ? The horror of ametuer hour.
    I would use the skyrubles on Air France because you could tempt her with the business or first class menus and YouTube videos after pulling all the French food away 🙂

  3. Luckily, traveling to France is usually my wife’s idea.  In fact, her desire to travel there combined with my frugal desire to not pay $1000s of dollars for the trip is what got me deep into travel rewards.  So, technically, I have Anna to thank for all of the wonderful trips that have come since then.

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