10 Aug Make Your Hotel Award Points Go Far – Search With This Easy Tool!

Planning a trip can be a full time job, which is probably why travel agents exist (both the human kind and the online kind)…

Searching flight after flight and hotel after hotel can be exhausting. And when attempting to use points and miles for your travel, the task becomes even more challenging!

Search - AYP

Stop wasting all that time searching for hotels!

Well, you are in luck! Our friend over at Wandering Aramean – the same fellow who brought you the Avios Redemption Calculator – has developed a better way to search for hotel availability – both for paid stays AND award stays!

Hooray, Wandering Aramean!

The tool is called Hotel Hustle and it is incredibly easy to use!

Here is a little tutorial:

First, head over to the Hotel Hustle site and input your desired city and dates:

HH #1 - AYP Post

I think I will go to…Tokyo!

Next, allow Hotel Hustle to do its thang!

HH #2 - AYP post

When the search completes, you will have a map view of the city you searched – complete with color-coded brand hotel points!

HH #3 - AYP

View each hotel chain by color!

Zoom in and out as needed and click each point for more details on the paid & award point rates:

HH #4 - AYP

Ritz Carlton… its been too long since I last saw you…

Additionally, the right hand side of the tool will display a convenient listing of all of the hotel availability options, along with their paid and award rates:

HH #5 - AYP

The tool is a HUGE time saver and makes it easy to search any city, with any dates, by both paid and award availability!

Can’t find the availability you want/need!? For a small monthly fee (I think it is like $2.99) Wandering Aramean will monitor hotel award availability and notify you through email once there is award availability!

HH #6 - AYP

I receive no commission here, just detailing a great service!

Final Thought

Time is money people. Stop wasting it spending hour after hour searching for hotel availability and search it all at once with Hotel Hustle!

While it doesn’t show availability like Hotel Hustle (my favorite feature!), the Award Mapper website is another tool worth checking out if you are looking for potential hotel award properties.

These tools are most useful when searching for larger brand hotels and will not provide much (if any) for small unaffiliated boutique hotels and B&B’s, so search those independently if you are interested.

Happy Hotel Award Searching!


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