How Can You Receive “Targeted” Offers? Use CardMatch!

There is absolutely nothing better than a targeted offer for an increased credit card sign-up bonus on a credit card that I actually want to apply for! Knowing that I have been deemed worthy, that I have been chosen, that I am one of the lucky ones, and most of all knowing that I can now potentially achieve a travel dream with the points/miles earned from this offer – what a phenomenal feeling!

Ok, so maybe there are much better things…

Hanging with Elephants > Targeted Credit Card Offers

But targeted offers are still up there on my list!

The problem with targeted offers is that they are unpredictable. They may arrive in your email inbox, they may arrive in your mailbox, they may arrive as you log into your frequent flyer and hotel rewards account. And then, even if you do receive targeted offers, they might not be for a credit card that you are even considering applying for (I am looking at you, Discover Card).The sporadic nature of these offers makes credit card application timing difficult… but fortunately for us travel reward seekers, there is a single website out there that can make your specific targeted offers more predictable and accessible all at the same time…

I am talking about CardMatch from CreditCards.com!

cardmatch.com Featured Pic - AYP

CardMatch utilizes your unique information (name, address, last 4 digits of SSN) in order to match you with personalized credit card offers – possibly to offers that are much higher than the current public offers available!

Interest piqued enough to give it a shot?

Here is how to get started:

1) Visit creditcards.com/cardmatch

2) Input your relevant information

Input your information - Cardmatch ayp

Don’t worry! CardMatch will perform a “soft” inquiry on your credit profile – meaning there is absolutely no impact to your overall credit score.

No Credit impact

3) Agree to the Terms and Conditions (T&C)… and submit!

Card Match T&C - ayp
Don’t you just love a good ‘ol T&C agreement!?


4) Searching…

Searches for Matches - CardMatch

5) Check out your offers!

Compare the card offers you receive to the best available public offer and identify increased sign-up bonuses!

CardMatch Special Offers
Congratulations! Scroll down and view your offers!

While CardMatch has the potential to provide you with some great increased offers, it also has the potential to provide you with offers that are worse than publicly available (in the case of limited time public offers), so make sure you do your research and know the best public sign-up bonus offers (perhaps reference AYP Top Cards to start)!

Side note – CardMatch says that you are more likely to qualify for cards that they match you to. While that may be true, you still need to keep some of the specific card issuer rules in mind – like the once per lifetime bonus rule with American Express and the one sign-up bonus per 24 months with Chase, among others.

My Experience:

I used to have a good amount of luck getting matched to some exciting offers, but as my list of open credit cards has increased, my matched offers have decreased. Even so, I check out CardMatch before applying for credit cards, just in case there is a gem of an offer out there just waiting for me!

I went ahead and tried out the CardMatch tool for my mom (who has much fewer credit cards than I have) and she was matched to some solid offers!

Like the American Express Platinum:

CardMatch - the Platinum card
60k > 40k every day!

The standard public offer on this card is 40,000 Membership Rewards points – meaning my mom can earn an extra 20k because she visited CardMatch!

Amex Platinum
Check CardMatch before you apply for the Amex Platinum!

Note: Some have reported a match to 100k Amex Platinum offers, so be on the lookout for these! If I think a 40k sign-up bonus on the Amex Platinum is worth the annual fee, imagine how I feel about a bonus over twice as lucrative!

It seems like those who have never had or do not currently have a credit card issued by American Express have a much better chance of being matched to increased sign-up bonuses on the American Express Platinum (and the Premier Rewards Gold) credit card!

Final Thought

Interested in personalized targeted credit card offers with possible increased sign-up bonus offerings? Give CardMatch a try!

Remember, there is no impact to your credit in order to be matched to offers – a hard credit inquiry will only occur if you decide to apply for a credit card offering!

 You got nothing to lose!

Questions, comments? Email me at accountingyourpoints@yahoo.com

Happy Travels!


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