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London EDITION – the High and Low

I stayed at the London EDITION this past January. It was just a small part of a great New Years trip!


I had a great experience and I look forward to telling you more about it, but this will not be a typical hotel review.

See, I recently realized I have some problems with the idea of an all-encompassing, comprehensive hotel review. These reviews are overdone, unrealistic and create information overload. Not to mention, they can be kind of boring (both to read and write)!

Quite frankly, there are people out there that can do a much better job in covering every little hotel room detail – all the way down to folding of the bathroom tissue – but I’ve decided I am done with that type of review!

Instead, I am going to stick to a much more succinct “best and worst” or “highs and lows” type of post. This will allow you a peek at the hotel properties I visited with some highlights and lowlights along the way, and without all the unnecessary clutter! Without further ado…

London EDITION – the Highlights

The Food & Drank

I don’t consider myself a “foodie”, but I am always hungry and I appreciate a good meal! Whether you stay at the EDITION or not, you may (and should) find yourself dining and/or drinking at the EDITION. If you do, you will not be disappointed!

“Frame” a meal at Berners Tavern!

This must be one of my favorite London dining experiences ever.

As you enter the dining room adjacent to the lobby, you’ll notice the restaurant walls jigsawed with paintings of various artistic styles and techniques. It is visually overwhelming, yet pleasing, and you soon may find yourself picking out your favorite one!

As for the food… delectable!

Indulge in a specialty “punch” cocktail… or two or three, over at the Punch Room!

This reservation-only bar situated in the back-end of the first level features some seriously neat punch cocktails!

Punch cocktails? Don’t worry – these are not like your average high school prom spiked fruit punches you may remember. These drinks are works of art! The mixology, the presentation – both worth seeing firsthand, hotel guest or not!

Got Milk? The Milk Punch cocktail includes milk, but through magic, superior mixology, or both, the white coloring is eliminated, leaving you with the clear cocktail above!

The Location

I love walk-able cities. And I especially love hotels whose locations’ lend to that walk-ability. The EDITION is just that!

Located in the posh SoHo entertainment district, the EDITION sits on prime, happenin’ real estate and is walking distance from just about everything.

Hyde Park, Newbury Street, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, Westminster – all within a reasonable walking distance (i.e. within 30 minutes or so)! And if you do need to utilize public transport, the EDITION is just a 6 minute walk from the nearest Central line tube station – Oxford Circus!

The Throw Blanket

The London EDITION was at the top of my wife’s list when it came to our stay options in London. It only took a quick look at the pictures online before she was hooked! And while I say pictures – it honestly all stemmed from one picture in particular – of the infamous faux fur blanket!

It seems silly, but there was just something about the look of this blanket draped on the bed that she just had to see firsthand!

I know what you’re thinking… the blanket? Yes, the blanket you guys!  She was super serious about this thing! We even had dinner with some friends who stayed at the EDITION last fall, and the first question my wife asked was if the blanket looks as soft and comfortable as it does online…

I’m sure the thing was filthy having repeatedly fallen on the ground and subject to frequent trampling… but you can’t deny that it looks swanky AF hanging off the corner of the bed like that!

Ok… it’s not just the about blanket, but about how the blanket embodies the entire hotel vibe – the lighting, the angles, the wood paneling – all highlights!

I hate to complain (do I really?), but it wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops… the Lowlights!


The Room Size

London hotel rooms are small. This was a hotel room in London. It was small.

We were spoiled the 3 nights before with that suite (aka sweet) over at the Andaz London Liverpool, which set us up for a bit of a letdown at the EDITION.

It was just my wife and I and it was just one night, so we didn’t require much in the way of square footage. But, I love being able to spread my wings and I value my space, so for that, it’s a lowlight!

While it was small, it was still swanky, and it did come with a relatively good view, featuring the London Eye in the distance.

It you look really, really close, you can see the London Eye!

The Lack of Elite Recognition

I didn’t expect it, which is good because I didn’t receive it!

This is less a knock on the London EDITION specifically, and more a knock on top-tier Ritz Carlton hotels in general (which includes the EDITION brand). While I do not hold the top Marriott Platinum Elite status, I am a Gold (via status reciprocity with SPG) and I just expected some form of recognition.

I love Marriott Gold for stays at properties like the JW – where you receive free lounge access – but for stays at the Ritz Carlton, Gold is as good as Silver… or Magenta… if that is even a thing.

The Extravagant, yet Costly Minibar

Hotel minibars are generally NOT a good value. Therefore, I was not surprised to find that the minibar in my EDITION hotel room was overpriced.

What did take me by surprise was just how stacked this minbar was! It was much less ‘mini’ than it was in fact ‘bar’! It was so swanky that I almost considered indulging in the price-inflated offerings… and for that – a lowlight!

DO NOT be tempted by the fancy food and drink! Resist the temptation!

The fact that the EDITION maintains the minibar to this level leads me to believe that their over-the-top approach is working. Apparently many hotel guests do not employ the same willpower and are able to just say no!

Final Thought and Overall Impression

The London EDITION has a cool, elegant, yet modern feel to it – and I am all about it!

I enjoyed my stay and would definitely consider another stay the next time I find myself in London-town! While the small room size was a bummer, it was expected in London, and the hotel more than made up for it with its prime location and swanky restaurant offerings!

I hope you enjoyed the little peek at the London EDITION and appreciated my highlights and low-lights without the cluttering details of a full hotel review.

Let me know if you appreciated just the highlights or if you prefer details galore!

And if you are dying for more details surrounding this hotel? Check out Monkey Miles for a more comprehensive review!

Happy Travels!



  1. it’s very clear in their T&C that Ritz properties, including Bulgari and Edition, only recognize Ritz status. Some properties aren’t even part of MR/RCR to begin with, so they might not even recognize any status whatsoever.

    while it is disappointing that’s the official policy, that should already be part of the expectation instead of being described as a “low”

    1. Fair point, Henry! Perhaps my “low” should be broader and target all Ritz properties and the relationship with the Marriott Rewards program in general, rather than single out this property.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Great review homie and thanks for the shout out! I loved Berners as well. Location couldn’t be better. Looking fwd to your CX and JAL First reviews

  3. “London-town”? That’s like saying “Frisco”. Or worse even, saying “mate” as a non-local.

    1. Would it be better or worse if I told you to read it as if I was talking in an English accent?

      Kidding aside, I mean no offense to any London locals… and if that is the most annoying or offensive thing you read today then I would say I did “jolly good” job of keeping things PC! Though that last one may have crossed the line…

      Thanks for reading!

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