Review: JAL’s Brand New First Class Amenity Kit

This past April 1st I experienced Japan Airlines First Class on their 777-300ER for the approximately 11-hour flight from Tokyo (NRT) to Chicago (ORD).

It was a great flight and I have previously posted my full review, but wanted dive into a bit more detail in regards to the amenity kit and pajamas, considering Japan Airlines just made a change in the offering!

On March 28th, Japan Airlines began providing new amenity kits for its International First Class passengers.

Image courtesy of JAL press release

The new amenity kits were constructed in collaboration with PORSCHE DESIGN, a “German premium lifestyle brand.” Two different colors of amenity kit cases were introduced and passengers will receive either a red (flights from Japan) or a gray kit (flights to Japan) based on the origin of their flight.

The amenity kits weren’t the only change… JAL also introduced new limited time (3 months) inflight pajamas (they call it “relaxing wear”) which were also designed in collaboration with Porsche Design.

Breaking Down the New Kit!


What has changed?

The Container: The new amenity container is not a bag but rather a soft plastic shell container – in either red or gray, depending on the direction of your travel. The container has pockets lining the interior, stuffed to the brim with goodies!

The previous version of the JAL First amenity kit featured a Spanish luxury branded Loewe bag. People seemed to really like this bag based on the functionality with all the pockets inside and a top flap that could transform it into a hanging toiletry bag.

The container is probably the biggest change. I think of it as a visual upgrade, but a functional downgrade.

Contents within:

The previous version of the kit featured Loewe branded lip moisturizer. The new kit features Porsche Design travel facial mist, hand and body cream, and lip balm.

I know Porsche makes some pretty slick cars, but I am relatively unfamiliar with their line of lip balm, but it seemed to get the job done!

The Relaxing Wear/Pajamas:

I am not a pajama guy, but I always try them on just for kicks when flying First Class! The new PJs are Porsche Design inspired and fit awkwardly.

It seems these may only stick around for a short 3 months, so if you are a big fan of the oldies they will probably make a return here pretty soon.

What hasn’t changed?

The Basics: Dental kit (toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash), fold-out brush/comb, package of tissues, ear plugs, eye mask, moisture mask. Gotta have ’em, and this new kit does!

Gender Specific Products:

In addition to the Porsche Design kit and contents, JAL still provides gender-specific Shiseido products.

For men – Shiseido cleansing face wash, hydrating toner and total revitalizer face cream.

For women – Clé de Peau Beauté face lotion and revitalizing mask (I think? Honestly, I have no idea what this stuff is and all of the text was in Japanese… but it looks fancy af, right!?)


Final Thought

JAL has a new amenity kit. I like it. I think it has all the things you need in an amenity kit and more. However, I think the previous kit that included a luxury branded Loewe bag was better. It was versatile with the hanging option and was something that I would have used both in the air and on the ground.

The Porsche Design container looks neat, but I have a feeling it will find a nice place to rest in my cabinet… and then never see the light of day again! Or at least until I run out of lip balm!

What are your thougts on the amenity kit change? Upgrade or downgrade?

For more on my full trip, be sure to check out some or all of the below!


Happy Travels!



  1. after much searching I was able to find English instructions . this is an excellent product. I am always happy to receive this when I fly F JAL. I don’t know why they don’t including English instructions in the kit. I often see American females in F.

    – Lotion
    – Essence
    – Cotton Mask
    How to use: Use in place of your usual skin care treatments after cleansing skin. Separate the lotion and essence foil pouches before use. Empty the contents of the Step 1 Lotion pouch onto a cotton pad and gently wipe over your face. Wipe two or three times for best results. Then, empty half the contents of the Step 2 Essence pouch into your palm and smooth over your face and neck while lightly massaging with your fingertips. Place any remaining essence into your palm and smooth over areas of concern, such as around your eyes, cheeks and mouth. Complete absorption of the essence is not necessary before proceeding to the next step. Remove the two mask sheets from the packet and unfold (the packet contains a lower and upper mask). Peel off the backing then place the mask on your face.
    Remove after 10 minutes.

  2. Would appreciate Details or a better photo of the new sleep suit. Flying F JAL next week NY-TYO. I didn’t like the high neck on the beige style but I did like the fabric and the fit. I keep these and use them lounging around the house. Have several from prior years that were heavier fabric and included a nice cardigan, some with wide sleeves great to keep cool in the Summer.

    I assume new one is 100% cotton, organic cotton?

    What is the style (just 2 pieces or cardigan included?) and why did you seem not to enjoy them?

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