1. I received my card in early December, had legitimate spend for the bonus within a few days, and I received my bonus a couple of days later

    1. Interesting… thanks for the data point! Is that related to a business or personal card?

      My Spend is legitimate as well (no gift cards or other manufactured spend), but I have been having a lot of trouble getting this bonus to post.

  2. I signed up for the personal SPG Amex card about 3-4 weeks ago for 30k points with 3k spend. My first statement I spent 2900. I was hoping to hit the 3k spend by the first statement so I would get the bonus points earlier since I thought it would post only after each statement.

    I spent about 400 more the followings days and when those transaction posted, I got my 30k SPG right away. Which was literally like 5 days ago.

    I’m Marriott Platinum and SPG platinum and I bought SPG points. I don’t know if those affect if they post your points right away or not. This is my only Amex card besides the old Costco one that converted to Citi.

    Maybe only the personal one post right away and business card takes a bit longer.

  3. I received the card in early April with the same 25k/10k bonus upon hitting $3,000 and $5,000 spend respectively. I hit the threshold in mid May and the points hadn’t shown up a month later. When I called in June, the representative essentially told me to wait a few more weeks. Flash forward several months and multiple calls later, and I still hadn’t received the points. Each time I called, the representative acknowledged I had validly earned the points and should be receiving the bonus, but that there was some problem with their system and that they were conducting an investigation to determine why the points weren’t transferring. In the meantime, I was regularly using the SPG card for most non-meal or travel spend. Finally, in early December, I speak to a supervisor who tells me that there’s no record of that bonus offer being attached to the account (or any bonus offer, for that matter) and that I should look through my documents for any record of this bonus offer. I am, of course, livid that after months of being assured by almost 10 different representatives that the points had been legitimately earned and that Amex was working to have them transferred, the representative was now telling me there was essentially nothing that she could do. I calmly tell her that I’ll look for any records I might have, but that I shouldn’t be expected to keep bonus announcements 7 months after applying for the card, that this was a very public promotional campaign and that it’s generally unacceptable to receive this information so long after receiving the card. I hang up feeling defeated but determined to look into my options for recourse. Strangely, a couple of days later, I’m looking at my Amex account and I see the points have magically appeared, and sure enough, are transferred to my Starwood account a few days later.

    Long story short, I think Amex might just have some computer issues that impact a small portion of SPG cardholders. I don’t think I would have triggered any anti-abuse software since I was and still am regularly using the card for organic spend. For anyone having issues receiving the points, be patient but keep calling back and ask to elevate to a supervisor. Ask them to confirm on the record that the bonus offer is in fact attached to the account and SAVE ANY RECORDS YOU HAVE THAT MENTION THE BONUS OFFER, in case Amex tries to argue that no bonus offer ever applied to your application.

    1. WOW! Seems that you and me are in the same type situation, though at least you have received your bonus! I have been saving my conversation for fear of something like this… Thanks for the heads up on this!


  4. I got the Business card November2, 2017. I completed the $6,000 December 10 and received 25000 starpoints 1 week later, before the statement. AMEX has always given my bonus within a few days of earning it.

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