Super Easy Status Match to National Executive Elite

National Rental Car is offering Emerald Club members quite the opportunity to match to the top-tier National Executive Elite status!

That is the good news…

The GREAT NEWS is that you more than likely currently hold an airline or hotel loyalty status to qualify for this status match! Hilton Gold and Marriott Gold both match to Executive Elite – which means cardholders of the Hilton Surpass or Amex Platinum automatically qualify!

And for all you Platinum Card peeps that already have National Executive Status as a benefit provided by the card, this is a great way to instantly upgrade from that mid-tier to the top-tier Executive Elite!

Loyalty Lobby has the full breakdown here – featuring most airline and hotel loyalty programs, the related status levels, and what they will match to at National.

It’s so simple…

All you have to do is submit a request through the automated form found at this link right here!

Once you are on the offer page, just follow these very easy steps:

1 – Fill in the blanks

2 – Screenshot your online account for proof of status

3 – Press “Send for Status Match” to auto-populate an email to National

4 – Attach the screenshot file taken in #2 above and SEND!

Why should you put forth the minimal effort to earn Executive Elite Status?

Well for starters, National is my absolute favorite rental car company! Why? Well because you get to choose the car you want without ever having to wait in like at the check-in counter!

Have you ever experienced a long line at the rental car check-in counter? Did you enjoy your time there? Didn’t think so…

Emerald Club members can choose ANY car from the Emerald Aisle, while Executive and Executive Elite members get to choose from either the Emerald Aisle, or the Executive Aisle, which features a more premium car selection!

What else makes Executive Elite Status so great and worth 3 minutes of your time?


Final Thought

Match your current hotel or airline status to National Executive Elite. It’s easy. It’s free. And it will provide you a few perks you may not otherwise typically receive!

Are you going to be taking advantage of National’s generosity? Por que no!?!?

Happy Travels!


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