11 Sep Food Delivery Done Right – Uber EATS in TPA!

When I think food delivery, I think pizza! I absolutely love pizza and what makes pizza even better is the ability to enjoy it fresh, in my home, with no cooking or cleaning – just a simple phone call or online/app order while wearing pajamas!

But even though my love for pizza runs deep (we’re talkin’ Chicago deep dish kind of deep!), I cannot (or should not) eat pizza delivery every single day. That means I will either have to cook at home myself – creating one of my least favorite things in the world, piles dirty dishes… or instead I can hit the town and go out to eat – forcing me to follow social norms like wearing pants and shoes in public…

If only there was another option… DUH! There is!

Enter Uber EATS!


If you love Uber …

If you love food delivery…

AND if you live in one of the following cities: (INCLUDING TAMPA – “Cigar City” in da house!)

Atlanta Las Vegas Orange County Seattle
Austin London Ottawa Singapore
Baltimore Los Angeles Paris Stamford
Brooklyn Marin Philadelphia Sydney
Chicago Melbourne Phoenix Tampa
Columbus Miami San Diego Toronto
Dallas Nashville San Francisco Washington, D.C.
Edmonton New Haven SF East Bay
Houston New York SF South Bay

Then Uber EATS  is going to seriously change the way that you eat in the comfort of your own home… in your pajamas, if you please!

I ordered my first meal via Uber EATS this past week and it made quite the first impression…and…

Here are my thoughts:

(1) I love the Uber vibes- including driver tracking, direct billing to my linked credit card, and of course, promotions!

Speaking of promotion, how about a little self promotion? Sign up with my link (eats-swvpa) and you can earn yourself (and myself) $10 credit towards your next Uber EATS delivery!


(2) I love that there is no additional delivery charge and no required tipping – This is big! Delivery fees have been the reason why I have resisted other food deliver services in the past, but Uber EATS eliminates the annoying extra fee! And in true Uber fashion, there is no requirement to tip your driver – but rather couriers are incentivized by the Uber rating system. Of course you are welcome to tip your courier a few bucks if you are pleased with the speed and/or service and I am sure that he or she will much appreciate the additional cash!


(3) I love the variety of restaurants (and I believe that this variety will expand with time) – Finally a food delivery service that delivers something other than pizza! Order from a list of your favorite local restaurants – even your local pizza parlor if you insist! As Uber EATS expands in your area, the list of restaurants will expand and provide you with more options in the near future!


(4) I love the SPEED – Order to delivery spanned a mere 30 minutes! I ordered on a Thursday, so maybe not the most high volume night, but I am hopeful that the speed will remain even on a Friday/Saturday night! That said, if this truly is an extension of Uber, I expect that the surge pricing might creep into the equation at some point (if not in place already).

(5) I love Uber EATSenough said!

Final Thought

I really enjoyed my first Uber EATS experience and am uber excited that the service is live in TPA! I look forward to the service gaining traction here and expanding the list of available restaurants very soon.

Fast – Delicious – Convenient – all in you Pajamas! Uber EATS!

Happy Dining!



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