22 Mar Who Gets Cathay Pacific First Class? Me vs. the Wife

My hard work paid off! A few days ago I posted about how I was able to find last minute First Class award space flying Cathay Pacific JFK-HKG on an Alaska Airlines award ticket!

While my initial search on Qantas revealed 2 First Class award available, just one of them was showing as available to Alaska Airlines. My wife and I agreed that in the event only one seat was available, we would separate and pay the additional 20k miles to bump one of our award tickets up to First Class, and keep the other award ticket in Business Class.

As far as who will get to sit in First Class and who will be “stuck” in business class – heavy emphasis on the sarcastic air quotes – that is to be determined…NOW!

2 Premium Class seats on Cathay JFK-HKG… but who gets 1A!?

What Does First have that Business Doesn’t?

Glad you asked! While both of the cabins are considered “premium,” the First Class offerings shine brighter in a few noticeable areas:

Exhibit A: Upgraded and gender-specific Aesop amenity kits!

Exhibit B: Pajamas – Necessary? No, but a nice touch!

Exhibit C: Upgraded food and beverage offerings – Krug, anyone?

Exhibit D: More room/comfort – Both in terms of seat size and cabin size (6 First Class “open suites” versus 53 Business Class flat bed seats)

Who Gets First Class – The Case for Me:

Size DOES Matter!

In terms of height, I measure at an even 6′, while my wife stands at 5′ – rounded up to the nearest quarter inch! And if we are talking waistline – I am at 32 while my wife is “petite.” The First Class seat measures at 36 inches in width, compared to the Business Class seat which measures at a (still generous) width of 21 inches.

It’s science… err, math… right?

Doesn’t it only make sense that the physically larger of the two of us (me) sit in the larger of the two premium class seats (First)!?

I Put in Work!

I was in charge of planning out the points strategy and then subsequently built the necessary point/mile balances to achieve this redemption.

From there,  I went through the time consuming process to search, monitor and book the award redemption. I even had to call Alaska Airlines directly and talk to a real human being – multiple times!

Who ya gonna call!? Alaska Airlines Reservation Line!

I mean this whole process start to finish took hours – Shouldn’t I be to reap the benefits!?

I am hungrier and thirstier…

Meaning I have the willingness and the ability to consume more high quality food and drank – specifically caviar and champagne! Because I am able to consume more I will be able to experience the full range of the meal service offerings and would have a deeper appreciation for it, compared to my wife.

Just go ahead and leave that bottle here with me please, sir!

Who Gets First Class – The Case for My Wife:

She puts up with me!

Specifically, she puts up with my crazy, time-consuming points and miles habit/obsession. She deserves some recognition/pampering for her ever-supportive efforts… right!?

She has experienced Singapore Suites and does appreciate the finer First Class things!

Final Thought

I am super pumped that either my wife or I will get to experience Cathay Pacific First Class for the first time!

It’s a bummer that Alaska Airlines did not have the ability to book both award seats that opened up, but I will keep searching these last few days before flight departure, since as of this writing there are still 2 First Class Seats for sale on this flight…

In the meantime, it’s all up to you guys to vote to see who gets that First Class seat!

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Happy Travels!


Disclaimer! This poll is for entertainment purposes only… I am not as foolish as I may seem! Regardless of the results, the wife will be sitting her happy little butt in First – happy wife, happy life!


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