I Won a JetBlue Tax Return Return Flight!

I came. I saw that JetBlue was giving away 1,000 one-way flights. I paid taxes. I entered that silly little JetBlue sweepstakes.

And I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s right people! I am a winner! Winner, winner – Chicken Dinner!


Who won a free one-way flight flying on JetBlue!? THIS GUY!

What did it cost me? NOTHING! Unless you factor in the thousands of dollars I paid to the IRS in order to become eligible for this sweepstakes…

Let’s back up a bit…

JetBlue is currently running a sweepstakes for individuals who paid the ‘ol tax man yesterday!

To ease the pain of paying taxes, they decided to give away 1,000 one-way flights! While tax day has come and gone, the promotion runs through Tuesday, April 25th!

Major hat tip to Angelina Travels for first posting about this and inspiring my entry!

Did you pay taxes to the IRS? Do you want to win a free flight like me? 

Enter Each Day –

JetBlue is selecting 66 winning entries per day, and 76 winners on the final day of April 25th. You can enter once per day, though you are limited to one winning entry.

While technically you are only eligible if you are NOT eligible for a refund on your 2016 Federal income tax return, JetBlue and the sweepstakes sponsor “will not, and is under no obligation, to determine the veracity of representations made by entrants.”

Did you owe money to the IRS? Be honest… but they will never verify…

The Prize –

JetBlue advertises this as a “one-way flight,” but we of course know that there are some terms that come along with that.

Here is the jist of the prize flight:

A travel certificate redeemable for one (1) one-way flight on any JetBlue round trip flight within the contiguous 48 states and Alaska (“Travel Certificate”). Prize will be delivered via email as an e-code to each verified winner. The approximate retail value (“ARV”) of each Travel Certificate is $150, but will cover any one-way flight purchase. Total ARV of all prizes: $150,000. Each Travel Certificate is good for one-time use by one person in accordance with the travel restrictions identified on or in connection with the Travel Certificate.

Travel Certificate is valid for travel from 5/1/17-6/15/17.

Note – I may not be able to use this, so stay tuned for a giveaway in the near future! (Yes, the terms allow the travel certificate to be transferred, just not sold!)

The Taxes –

What I did note is that JetBlue values the one-way travel certificate at $150. Whether you agree with their value is beside the point – the interesting part is that this prize is taxable and the winner will be responsible for paying applicable taxes on $150.00 of income to the IRS next year…

More taxes, you say?

Final Thought –

Normally I ignore this type of promo and just go on with my life…

In this case I am living proof that sparing a minute or two for JetBlue and their silly little promo can turn out to be quite the return on your time investment!

Funny enough, it turns out I may not be able to take advantage of the one-way flight during the promotion period, so stay tuned for the opportunity to win a free one-way JetBlue flight from AYP!

Happy Travels and Good Luck!


Head here for the full offer rules… or read below if you are too lazy to click!


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