08 Apr Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills – Highs and Lows

I stayed 4 nights at the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills this past March. It was just a small part of a great adventure!


Instead, of an all-encompassing,  and comprehensive hotel review, I’ll provide you a peek at the hotel properties I visited with some highlights and lowlights along the way, and without all the unnecessary clutter! Without further ado…

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills – the Highlights


The Views –

Tokyo for days… these views speak for themselves!

Many Tokyo hotels claim to have “the best” views, but the Andaz Tokyo Toranoman Hills truly delivers!

The decision to stay at the Andaz over the Park Hyatt Tokyo was a tough one, especially if you are a Lost in Translation fan! The Tokyo skyline views provided from the Park Hyatt’s New York Bar are Hollywood worthy! After paying a visit to the Park Hyatt, and comparing what it had to offer, I think know we made the right decision with our Andaz Tokyo selection!

I mean even the view from the room, you guys…

The Lobby Snacks & Happy Hour –

Hyatt decided to change up their rewards program, and through a certain series of events, I have found my former-Diamond self to be living in an Explorist body.

And it is in this body, that I have learned to expect less!

But when you stay at the Andaz Tokyo, whether Globalist, Explorist, Discoverist or Member,  you can expect to be treated with some pretty excellent snacks and happy hour offerings!

While there are some nice breakfast snacks, the real benefit lies in the happy hour offering. From 6pm-8pm, each and every night, enjoy light snacks and most importantly wine, in the lobby lounge.


Red wine, white wine, and even rosé! They’re giving it away – literally!

The Design –

While this was only my second stay at an Andaz branded Hyatt hotel – I cannot get enough!

If I thought the Andaz London Liverpool design was fresh, then this is on another level!

I mean the vibes at this place… For those that have ever stayed at an Andaz, you know what I’m talking about. The lighting, the décor, the mood – overflowing with cool. (Wayyy too cool for this CPA, I’m sure!)

The Andaz Tokyo experience makes 2/2 Andaz wins, and has my wife already searching the globe for our next Andaz experience!

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills – the Lowlights


Floor 52 – Bar and Lounge –

Don’t get me wrong, the Rooftop Bar on Floor 52 is great, but it is essentially the same view as Floor 51 below!

Floor 52 is a rooftop bar, meaning you pay $20 per cocktail – $11 for the drink and a $9 premium for the view. Floor 51 may not have all the pizzazz of 52, but it also doesn’t have the pricetag!

52 is overrated and not worth the elevator ride… stick to 51 and you’ll be just fine!

Note: I read this same advice and didn’t listen – don’t be like me!

Location, Location, Location –

The hotel is located on floors 47-52 of the Toronomon Hills building, with guestrooms populating 47-50, the hotel lobby on 51 and the hotel bar on 52.

Toronomon Hills is a business building that happens to have a hotel at the top. Most restaurants, bars, and shops in close proximity to the Andaz reflect the business timeline – closing early and on weekends – forcing leisure travelers in another direction.

The Andaz is a relatively new hotel and it seems that the surrounding area has not yet adjusted to the leisure traveler, but with time I expect this to adaptation to occur.

That said, the hotel is just 6 minutes walking distance from the Toranomon stop on the Ginza Line – which will connect you to anywhere in Tokyo you want to go!

For now, though.. this remains a lowlight!

Follow the Rules –

As I mentioned, the Andaz Tokyo hotel is located in the Toranomon Hills office building. That office building has a designated area for taxi and drop-off – and don’t you dare enter or exit through this area on foot! There was a time when we attempted to enter through this area as we were walking down the street (as it was the only entrance/exit we knew of), and we were turned away 10 feet from the door, instructed to walk about 100 yards around the building to the official foot entrance.

When in Japan, follow the rules! Cross the street where designated, enter and exit through the correct doors, and wait your turn in line. Over the course of my trip I found that this is more of a Japanese cultural thing, rather than just Andaz being particular.

This lowlight is less about this individual instance, and more about the hotel’s presence in the larger Toranomon Hills building, and all of the rules that come along with the location.

Final Thought and Overall Impression

The Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills – come for the views, stay the night for the free happy hour!

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and would definitely consider another stay the next time I find myself in Tokyo! While the business-centered location was a bummer, the hotel more than made up for it with its magnificent views and overall Andaz vibesss!

I hope you enjoyed the little peek at the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills and appreciated my highlights and lowlights without the cluttering details of a full hotel review.

Let me know if you appreciated just the highlights or if you prefer details galore!

And if you are dying for more details surrounding this hotel? Considering a stay? Be sure to check out Travel Codex well for a more comprehensive review.

Happy Travels!


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  • Jen
    Posted at 22:57h, 08 April Reply

    I like details galore and bigger photos please! I do like the highs and lows so please continue with that. Maybe also include how you paid – points, cash, both etc. How you got there from the airport etc.

    • DW
      Posted at 22:59h, 08 April Reply

      Thanks for the feedback! I’ll add that in! And increase photo size!

      Paid 20k points per night and took the airport limousine bus for about $40 per person – drops you off directly at the hotel!


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  • t
    Posted at 15:50h, 18 January Reply

    I’m having such a hard time deciding between Park Hyatt and Andaz. Between my wife and me, we have 4 free nights certificates with Hyatt but only with Discoverist status. All the forums go back and forth on the 2 depending on status, cost, view, etc. It seems to be that since I have almost no status to speak of, Andaz will be a better experience even though I really want to maximize the value of my free nights (Park Hyatt is Cat 7 vs Andaz’s Cat 6),

    • DW
      Posted at 16:00h, 18 January Reply

      Go with the Andaz! PH is dated and without status, they will nickel and dime you on meals and such. Andaz has some free (limited) food and drink offerings every morning and evening

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