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Flight Review: Cathay Pacific Business Class 777-300ER HKG-NRT

This past March I experienced Cathay Pacific Business Class for the first time on their 777-300ER for the quick 4ish-hour flight from Hong Kong (HKG) to (Tokyo).

This flight completed the tail end of a SWEET Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan redemption a 2-day stopover in Hong Kong. The more I think about it, the more I simply cannot understand how Alaska can offer such a valuable and flexible stopover policy…. But as long as they do I am going to keep taking advantage of it!

While the redemption began in First Class, the second half of the itinerary did not have any First Class availability, so Business Class it was!

Pre-Flight –

The whole pre-flight process got off to a smooth start with an easy check-in process and then we got to security.

I was wearing my standard travel outfit – I don’t know about you, but I wear the same thing on 95% of flights, both domestic and international – which sometimes includes lace up boots that take me forever to tie.

I was quite excited when I was not required to remove my shoes to go through security. No need for swanky lounges and tarmac transfers – just get me through security without taking my shoes off and I am all set!

The Cabin – Business Class Lounge –

While it was tough to choose between all the great Cathay Business Class lounges at HKG, we decided to keep it simple and go to the lounge in closest proximity to our departure gate – which happened to be The Cabin near Gate 23.

I was still pretty stuffed from our breakfast at the JW Marriott Hong Kong Executive Lounge, so I just needed a place to sit, connect to some wi-fi, and a 9AM juice and cold brew…

We spent an hour or so in the lounge with a bit of plane spotting, and then it was time to make the short walk over to Gate 22.

The Business Class Cabin –

We made our our way down the aisle through the First Class cabin and my fond memories of just a few days prior all rushed through my mind… but onward we went! I will note, similar to my JFK-HKG flight, of the 6 seats in the First cabin, only 4 of them were occupied.

Empty now… but it filled up quick!

The classic reverse herringbone arranged Business Class cabin was stuffed to the brim with passengers – two of which were my wife and I!

The Seat – 18K –

Comfortable cloth seats and overall pretty spacious – plenty of room to store a small carry-on in the foothold, and any other smaller trinkets easily fit in the headphone cubby.

I cannot state for sure how the seat might feel to sleep in during long-haul flights, but based on my 4-hour experience, I have no doubt that I could catch some ZzZz’s.

The Entertainment –

Consistent with our previous 777 flight – no Wi-Fi on the Cathay 777-300ER. I wish this was not the case…

IFE Monitor – Similar to First (though much smaller in size) the monitor seemed a bit grainy, but has the swivel function to adapt to the position/angle of your liking.

Headphones – Nothing Special. Not Bose or any other name brand, but they did the trick!

The Food and Drank –

For the record, I will state that I was NOT HUNGRY on this flight. With a departure time of 10:15AM I was still full from breakfast earlier that morning.

But did I let that stop me? NO, OF COURSE NOT! Hungry or not I had to experience what Cathay Business had to offer!

As per usual, to get the party started, we popped some Champagne!

My favorite way to kickoff a flight experience!

Then immediately after take-off the crew began the lunch service.

Lunch –

To start… Grilled Japanese scallop, Angel prawn, octopus and sea urchin wasabi mayonnaise, as well as Seasonal mixed salad and balsamic vinegar, and then Nameko mushroom soba noodles.

Solid start!

Then for the Main… I requested Stir fried halibut, sweet and spicy sauce, jade melon, baby corn and steamed jasmine rice. It was not my favorite, but I did end up eating most it, even though I wasn’t hungry… what’s wrong with me?

Next, some fruit, and while I was offered some ice cream, I politely declined. Which is a very rare, but a good thing because remember, I was NOT hungry.

The Ride & Views from the Wing –

Overall a quick and smooth flight – no complaints.

Smooth sailing!

The staff was very efficient and seemed to work well as a unit! That was quite a meal with multiple courses, in a full Business Class cabin, and the flight attendants rocked it!

Arrival –

We arrived right on schedule around 2:05PM local Tokyo time.

Oh, hello Japanese coastline! Great to see you!

Final Thought

My Cathay Pacific Business Class experience on the 777-300ER was solid! It wasn’t First, but it was a relatively short flight and all those famed First Class frills probably couldn’t have been enjoyed anyway.

It was just a small part of a great adventure!

Have you ever flown in Cathay Business? If so, what was your experience like?

Happy Travels!



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