07 Apr Advice – Allow Push Notifications on Twitter

Are you on Twitter? Do you follow all of your favorite points and miles deal experts? Do you allow push notifications so you never miss a deal!? If so, GREAT! If not, you need to! Whether you are into the whole social media thing is besides the point – what matters is that twitter is the best place to learn about new, and often limited time, points and miles deals!

Here are my “key” deal alert follows:


Think Twitter notification are annoying and unnecessary? Think again!

Here are just a couple key points & miles deals I learned via twitter.

1. That time Hyatt gave out Diamond status…

This may have been the most valuable Twitter notification I have ever had. I received the notification early one morning that Hyatt was matching status, even for whimpy status like Hilton Gold!

Offer expired… but man! This was one valuable tweet!

Since I was one of the first I was able to secure a match, and by the time I was went to do the same for my wife the deal was gone! I was able to utilize 6 of my 8 Diamond Suite Upgrades and enjoyed free breakfast at some of the top Hyatt’s in the world – including the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome, the Park Hyatt Milan, the Andaz London Liverpool, and more – all because of a single tweet!

2. Those CHEAP Flights to New Zealand

Remember those crazy cheap flights to New Zealand? I do! And I was able to book 3 of them! They where here and gone in a flash, but thanks to my Twitter push notifications I was able to snag a few in time.

Fare Expired, but these were the fares of the year!

I didn’t end up traveling to New Zealand due to a fully booked 2 week trip to Southeast Asia the month before, but at least I had the option!?

3. The 100k Honors points Amex co-card upgrade to Hilton Surpass

Doctor of Credit just mentioned this one a couple days ago, but for those that have the no-fee version of the Amex Hilton, it was (is?) possible for you to upgrade your card to the Surpass version and earn 100k Hilton points for $3,000 spending in 3 months.

Still Alive! Make sure to check for the “once per lifetime” language!

No credit inquiry on the upgrade, and more importantly, no once per lifetime language in the offer – meaning you should be able to earn the bonus despite having earned in the past!

Final Thought

The best deals don’t last long – so make sure you are in the know and are not left thinking what could have been!

Push notifications on Twitter have earned me thousands of points/miles, saved me hundreds of dollars, and allowed me to travel the world on the cheap!

Are you on Twitter? Who do you follow for all the best deal alerts!?

Happy Travels!



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