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JW Marriott Hong Kong – the Highs and Lows

The image shows the exterior of a JW Marriott hotel building. The entrance is prominently displayed with the hotel's name "JW Marriott" illuminated above it. The building features a modern architectural design with reflective glass windows and metallic elements. Surrounding the entrance are some trees and greenery. In the background, other tall buildings are visible, indicating an urban setting.

I stayed 2 nights at the JW Marriott Hong Kong this past March. It was just a small part of a great adventure!


Instead, of an all-encompassing, comprehensive hotel review, I’ll provide you a peek at the hotel properties I visited with some highlights and lowlights along the way, and without all the unnecessary clutter! Without further ado…

JW Marriott Hong Kong – the Highs


The Executive Lounge –

I love Marriott Gold status for stays at JW properties, where you receive free lounge access as a result of said status! This is especially handy in Asia where it seems executive lounges are taken seriously. Meaning high quality food and high quality drank – all for $0, if you’re utilizing your status! And by nothing, I of course mean the cost of being an American Express Platinum cardholder ($450-$550), where Marriott Gold status (via SPG status match) comes easy!

The food and drink selection on the 33rd floor is vast… both morning:

The image shows a display of various pastries in a bakery or café. There are multiple trays filled with different types of baked goods, including croissants, pain au chocolat, and other assorted pastries. Behind the pastries, there are several bottles of water and other items on shelves. The setting appears to be well-lit and organized, with a focus on the assortment of fresh pastries. The image shows a buffet setup with various dishes. In the foreground, there is a bamboo steamer filled with dumplings that appear to have a green filling, possibly spinach or herbs. Behind the steamer, there are several metal trays containing different types of food, including what looks like shrimp, vegetables, and other assorted dishes. There are also serving utensils placed next to the trays. The background shows more food items and a warm, well-lit dining area.

The image shows two small waffles on a white plate. One waffle is topped with whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, and the other is topped with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles. There is also a small white dish containing syrup next to the waffles. A white plate with a variety of foods, including scrambled eggs, a slice of salami, pineapple chunks, grapes, a serving of noodles, two dumplings, and a dollop of ketchup.

And night!

The image shows a well-organized bar setup. There are various bottles of liquor, including vodka, gin, and whiskey, arranged on a countertop. In front of the bottles, there are cocktail-making tools such as shakers, jiggers, and stirrers. Additionally, there are bowls containing garnishes like lemon slices, lime wedges, and olives. To the side, there are several empty glasses ready for use. The background features shelves with more bottles and bar accessories. The overall setting appears to be a sophisticated bar or lounge area. The image shows a buffet setup featuring a variety of cheeses and bread. There are several types of cheese displayed on a black slate board, each with a cheese knife. Surrounding the cheese are small containers with bread and crackers. In the background, there are shelves with additional food items, including bowls and plates with various accompaniments. The overall setting appears to be a self-serve station, likely in a restaurant or hotel.

The image shows a buffet setup with various dishes. There are three large pots on a heated surface, each containing different types of food. The pot in the foreground appears to have a stew or curry, the middle pot contains what looks like bread rolls or dumplings, and the pot in the background has small round items, possibly meatballs or potatoes. To the left, there are bowls of sliced fruits, including pineapple and watermelon. There are also small containers with condiments or sauces. The setting appears to be indoors, likely in a restaurant or hotel dining area. A white plate with a variety of foods, including a steamed bun with a brown topping, a portion of crispy noodles, slices of cured meat, pieces of cheese, a small stuffed pastry, and a piece of roasted meat. In the background, there is a glass of red wine and a small green plant in a clear glass container. The setting appears to be a dining table with a light-colored surface.

With extra dining space and harbor views presented on the 34th

The image shows a small, modern coffee and snack bar area. The counter has a coffee machine and various snacks and beverages on display. There are refrigerated sections under the counter with drinks visible through the glass doors. The area is well-lit with a clean, contemporary design, featuring wooden floors and a neutral color scheme. In the background, there is a staircase and additional seating. The image shows the interior of a modern, dimly lit restaurant or lounge area with large windows offering a view of a cityscape at night. The seating area includes cushioned chairs and sofas arranged around small, square tables. The tables are illuminated by soft lighting, and the city lights are visible through the windows, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

We considered hitting up a rooftop bar for some harbor views during our stay, but the JW Exec Lounge gave us all the view we needed – and let’s just say the drink prices (free) were favorable to what we would have spent elsewhere!


Location, Location, Location –

If you read any of my hotel highs & lows, you’ll notice location always makes the list – sometimes as a high and sometimes as a low. So much of the overall hotel experience is dependent on location, and therefore it should never be ignored…

The JW Hong Kong is no different, and I am happy to proclaim the location as a high point!

The Peak tram, the harbor waterfront, the Central district (shops, restaurants, & nightlife) – all within a reasonable walking distance (30 minutes or less). Not to mention the fact that the hotel is connected to one of Hong Kong’s many high-end shopping centers, Pacific Place.

The location was so prime that my wife and I walked everywhere – no need to invest time or energy in learning the metro system!

Your Robe, Sir –

Some people just love hotel robes. Those of you who do, you know who you are. And for those of you that don’t believe me, why do you think they put a premium price tag if your robe just so happens to disappear?!

The image shows a bathroom with a beige robe hanging on a hook on the door. To the left, there is a towel rack with neatly folded white towels. The walls are tiled, and there is a mirror on the right side of the image.

I normally don’t do robes, but the JW Marriott HKG robe is on point. None of that terry-cloth scratchy and sweat inducing sh*t – this robe is smooth… like butta!

Maybe a silly highlight, and not reason alone to select this property over competitor hotel properties, but if there is a tie that needs to be broken – advantage, JW!

A person is lying on a bed, covered with white sheets and wearing a beige bathrobe. They are giving two thumbs up and appear to be relaxed and comfortable.

I hate to complain (do I really?), but it wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops… the Lowlights!


The Room Selection –

While Marriott Gold status scored us access to the Executive Lounge, it did not seem to make much difference when it came to room selection and upgrade potential.

The room was nice, but small and nothing to write home about… and I didn’t have stamps so I guess I couldn’t have even written home if I wanted to…

Standard Deluxe room, no harbor view – despite some mid-high-ish status… therefore a lowlight.

A cozy indoor seating area with a beige armchair and a red cushion is positioned near a large corner window. The window offers a view of a cityscape with tall buildings and lush green hills in the background. A tall floor lamp is situated next to the armchair, and part of a round table is visible on the right side of the image. The scene is well-lit with natural light coming through the window. The image shows a view from inside a building, looking out through large windows. Outside, there are several tall buildings and a green hill in the background. The hill has a few structures on top, and the sky is clear. Inside the building, part of a lamp is visible on the left side of the image.

Traffic, Traffic, Looking for My Chap stick –

While I really appreciated the Executive Lounge offerings and convenient proximity to the rest of Hong Kong – it seems everyone else does as well!

The lobby is a happening place – all day and most of the night!

The image shows the interior of a luxurious, modern building with large glass windows offering a view of a cityscape at night. The space is well-lit with warm lighting, and there are shiny, reflective columns and surfaces. An escalator is visible in the foreground, leading to an upper level where people are seated at tables, possibly in a restaurant or lounge area. The overall ambiance is elegant and sophisticated.

A busy lobby means business is good, but unfortunately it can be off-putting at the same time. A hotel lobby reflects the hotel and if your lobby is always, it becomes easy for hotel guests to relate the stifling feeling to the rest of the hotel experience.

A Bit Dated –

While the room was still in great condition, the look and feel seemed dated and in need of a modern update. I am being critical here, and as it is only ever-so-slightly dated.

The image shows a cozy hotel room with a large window offering a view of a cityscape and greenery. The room features a comfortable armchair with a red cushion, a small round table with a lamp and some items on it, a desk with a chair, and a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. The room is well-lit with natural light coming through the window, and the decor includes beige curtains and light-colored walls. The image shows a modern hotel room with a large flat-screen TV mounted on a wooden panel on the wall. Below the TV is a wooden cabinet. To the left of the TV is a glass-topped desk with a black office chair. On the desk are a desk lamp, a phone, and some other small items. There is a large window with sheer and opaque curtains, allowing natural light to enter the room. The room has light-colored walls and a carpeted floor.

A neatly made bed with white linens is centered in a hotel room. The headboard is against a wall with a large mirror above it, reflecting a window with curtains. On either side of the bed are nightstands with wall-mounted lamps. The room has beige walls and a framed picture hanging on the right side. The image shows a cozy corner of a modern hotel room or office space. There is a beige armchair with a matching ottoman, and a red and white patterned cushion on the chair. Next to the chair is a small round table with a plate of fruit and a napkin on it. A floor lamp stands beside the chair. In the background, there is a glass desk with a black office chair on wheels. The room has large windows with a view of tall buildings outside. The floor is carpeted with a yellow and white geometric pattern.

Perhaps my judgement has something to do with my later stays at the brand new Andaz Tokyo Toronoman Hills and the prestige, Ritz-Carlton Kyoto (Highs and Lows coming soon!) but I call ‘em like I see ‘em.

Final Thought and Overall Impression

Our stay at the JW Marriott Hong Kong was a pleasant one. We used 80,000 Marriott Rewards points for our stay (transferred in 1:3 from SPG!) and $0 out of pocket. You cannot beat $0 out of pocket… unless they pay you I guess!?

I enjoyed my stay and would definitely consider another stay the next time I find myself in Hong Kong! While the small room size and lack of harbor view was a bummer, the hotel more than made up for it with its magnificent Executive Lounge offerings!

I hope you enjoyed the little peek at the JW Marriott Hong Kong and appreciated my highlights and lowlights without the cluttering details of a full hotel review.

Let me know if you appreciated just the highlights or if you prefer details galore!

And if you are dying for more details surrounding this hotel? Considering a stay? Be sure to check out Andy’s Travel Blog as well for his perspective on the JW Marriott Hong Kong, including some pretty amazing photos!

Happy Travels!


The image shows a white outline of a paper airplane inside a blue circle.


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