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United MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge 2017

United MileagePlus Premier elite status, or any airline status for that matter, provides travelers added comfort, convenience, and flexibility. For some travelers it borders on the line of obsession! Often times a quest for airline status includes flying on more expensive and/or inconvenient itineraries with a specific airline in order to reach that next level of loyalty…

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Why does airline status matter so much to frequent travelers?

Well, specifically for United flyers, how about some of the following perks:

  • Complimentary access to Economy Plus 
  • Complimentary Premier Upgrades 
  • Mileage bonuses 
  • Priority check-in, security, boarding and baggage handling 
  • Priority phone line
  • Waived baggage fee 
  • Same-day flight changes 
  • Award travel benefits
  • Fee discounts/waivers on award tickets
  • Star Alliance Gold status 
  • Marriott Gold Status 


Just to name a few…

Sign me up, eh!? I like upgrades and I like fee waivers… so how can I get in on the action?

Answer: Fly a shit-ton of United flights through the rest of the year!?

That’s a lot of United flights…

WRONG! You don’t have to be a United frequent flyer to hold United elite status…

United recognizes that adjusting airline loyalty can take convincing, so they have set up a program to entice elite flyers away from their current program over to United MileagePlus! They call it the…

United MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge

Have other airline status and interested in the United status challenge? Here is what you need to know:

“To keep the matched Premier status for the remainder of the 2017 program year, you will need to earn a certain number of Premier qualifying miles (PQM) or Premier qualifying segments (PQS) on flights operated by United or United Express® within a 90-day Offer Period. The number of PQM or PQS you must earn depends on the Premier status level you are matched to in MileagePlus.”

Compare these to the standard requirements pictured earlier in the post!
My favorite part? You get to enjoy your match status during the 90 day trial period! 

This offer is valid for requests received between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2017. Keep in mind, you can only participate in a United Status Match Challenge once every five years!

United only publishes the level by level status matches available for Delta and American frequent flyers, but there are numerous other airlines (including Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan), in which you can match to!

Check out the full Challenge page for all the relevant T&Cs!

Start Your Very Own United MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge

Simply click this link and sign into your current MileagePlus account.

Then, enter your email, your current status in a competing frequent flyer program, and your preferred challenge start date. As you consider timing, keep in mind that the MileagePlus status is valid through January 2019 for customers who earn Premier status through this promotion on or after July 1, 2017.

And last, attach a copy of your most recent mileage summary or current year membership card for the frequent flyer program you are matching from.

I matched my Alaska MVP Gold to United Premier Gold!
Note: Your attachment must identify your current elite status and include your status expiration date. 

United will send you an email to let you know if your request is approved. Please note that your request may take 7-14 business days to be upgraded, but in my experience it only took 2 days – just in time for an upcoming United itinerary of mine!

Zero flights in 2017 so far, but I am looking to change that!

Final Thought

Airlines want your loyalty. They want it so bad that they are willing to grant you valuable perks to pry you away from competitors! While airline status won’t guarantee you a First Class each and every flight, it can greatly improve your overall travel experience!

Leverage your current airline status and Start Your Very Own United MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge today!

Happy Travels!




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