23 May Still Alive – The Merrill+ Visa Signature 50k Sign-up Bonus

Grab the bull by the horns! The Merrill+ Visa Signature is still available for new sign-ups at a very attractive 50,000 points! While the application is strictly phone call ONLY as it is no longer available online, it is worth the extra effort!

WARNING: Doctor of Credit reported awhile back that some people experienced issues with their phone applications. Rather than the full 50,000 points, applicants were only awarded 25,000 points. Based on what I have read, this is no longer an issue. That said, keep it in mind and be diligent about confirming the 50,000 points at application date and when points are awarded.

Me grabbing the bull by the horns… it’s a metaphor… but it actually happened!

Merrill+ Visa Signature – 50,000 Points – Phone Offer Only – (866-751-1257)

Sign-up bonus is 50,000 points after $3,000 in spend within 90 days of account opening, BUT you must mention this offer to the respective agent! While the offer is definitely available, it seems that it is not the default offer? If you mention the 50k bonus points, the agent should recognize it, but if not, other have had success citing the following offer code: BAABZX

The Value of 50,000 Merrill+ Points

Those 50,000 points can be worth up to $1,000 in airfare! Sure the redemption is a little wanky and forces you to redeem 25,000 points per flight, but that 25,000 point redemption is good for up to a $500 flight (one-way or round-trip, on pretty much any airline)! If you plan your points right, it could mean $1,000 in flights with one sign-up bonus!

This thing is the real deal – and I recently redeemed my points on 2 round-trip tickets TPA-SFO on… United…

Photo cred – http://aero-shots.boardingarea.com/

The card is $0 annual fee, but earns just 1x point per $1 spent, meaning your next $500 flight redemption won’t come for another $22k in spending!

The other perks and benes outside the above are meh:

Spend $50k or more in a year and choose either a $200 travel credit that can be used for travel incidentals or Complimentary Delta Sky Club lounge membership.

The card was available online, then it disappeared… but it’s back in partial glory – as its now available only if you call the tele number above!

Hit the spend for the bonus, redeem for $1000 in airfare, rinse & repeat!


#1 Most people seem to be getting approved… seriously… check out the approval data points on the following Reddit thread! 

#2 You can apply for this card despite having previously earned the sign-up bonus!

#3 Unlike the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature, it doesn’t seem to matter whether you currently have this card open…

#4 This is the best “off the grid” credit card sign-up bonus in the market – worth an easy $1,000 in flights with ANY airline.

#5 Don’t forget to confirm the 50,000 points with the phone agent!

Final Thought

Check out the Merrill+ Visa Signature Card for up to $1,000 in free flights! I just picked up another one of these cards last week after reading this Reddit thread!

It’s a no brainer!

Hey! And another tip – combine this application with one for the improved Alaska Airlines Visa Signature to take advantage of merged credit inquiries!

Happy Travels!


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  • EZ
    Posted at 18:01h, 24 May Reply

    Man I’m really struggling between 5 options: This baby, the 100k Hilton Amex upgrade, the 60k AA Citi, the 60k Delta Amex, or putting another 3k on my SPG for the extra 10k points. Unfortunately I don’t spend enough to do more than one at a time! Expert opinion?

    • DW
      Posted at 18:09h, 24 May Reply

      Dang tough call! I’d go 1. Merrill 2. Citi AA and 3. SPG… since the other “limited time” bonuses are really common and will come around again at some point OR use plastiq to pay rent/mortgage and/or buy/sell gift cards to increase spend and take advantage

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